Jul 27, 2009

# 183

I went to Albero Summer Festival on Sunday, there are many cool things and I also found some gifts. You find them mostly on the tents around the sim.

albero summer festival 2
Shorts from Fishy Strawberry, 80L at Albero Summer Festival. White bag from Puddles, 1L. There are 3 dollarbies out now at Puddles, worth a visit!

~Other items~ (not free)
Hair: 69, Aden
Shoes: UBU, Boing Fromage
Socks: Maitreya
Jacket: Anuenue
White tank: Surf Co.
Dress: Doppelganger Inc.
Blue bag: Puddles
Necklace: Icon
Earrings: Glow

albero summer festival 3
Brown tank and corsage from Gbberish, 1L (not sure if it's only for Albero Summer Fest, but I found it there, in front of the store). Red cute pants from Avantmelon, 1L at Albero.

~Other items~ (not free)
Hair: Dernier Cri, 69
Shoes: Redgrave, UBU
Jeans: Zaara
Shirts: Niniko (part of an outfit), Surf Co.
Waist scroll: Cubic Effect
Bracelet: Dark Mouse

albero summer festival
Dotted top and skirts (3 colors) from Kid Asia, 0L. Sailor pants from Candy Mountain, 0L. Hud to pipe from Aina's (you can some cool stuff with the hud), 0L. All @ Albero Summer Festival. Bag from Puddles, 1L.

~Other items~ (not free)
Hair: Aden, 69
Shoes: HOC, UBU
Hair Flower: Artilleri
Earrings: Shade Throne (there is a cool new group gift from Shade Throne that I forgot to put on for the pics :( The fee to join the group is 50L)

gc - ivalde gg - cupcakes lb
Dress from Ivalde, new group gift in store. Black pumps from Heart & Sole, 0L. White tank from Gigi Couture, 1L. Skin on detail from Cupcakes, lucky board prize only for group members.

~Other items~ (not free)
Hair: Curio, Fascino
Sneakers: Redgrave
Necklace: Brain
Jeans: Gigi Couture (new release!)
Bracelet and earrings: Icon

cupcakes enchanted gg
Members of Cupcakes update group also get this exclusive makeup of Enchanted, in notices (only 100L to join!)

~Other items~ (not free)
Hair: Aden (the black is tinted)
Earrings: Glow Studio