Jul 5, 2009

# 153

glow studio lc
Gloves from Glow Studio, lucky chair gift.

~Other items~
Hair: Curio (Post-Ironic blonde)
Dress: Schadenfreude (eletro-cute dress)
Thights: Kookie (hole mania socks)
Shoes: Redgrave (girls biker boots)

glow studio dollarbies
Earrings and necklace from Glow Studio, new location gift, 1L each. There is also a blue scarf with the earrings. Dolly pumps from .:: Ty Zvezda ::., group gift (in notices).

~Other items~
Hair: Curio (Post-Ironic blonde)
Pants: League (Ripped 78s twin pack - warm blues)
Cardigans: Tuli (Cable knit cropped vest, purple and sand)
Tank: Surf Couture (Driftwood Tank - White)

curio - tz - earthtones
Anchor necklace from Yabusaka, 0L (Yabu sim 1st Anniversary hunt, you have to find the mushrooms). On the right: Hair from Curio, subscribo welcome gift; Dolly pumps from .:: Ty Zvezda ::., group gift (in notices); bangles from EarthStones, also subscribo welcome gift; hair bow from This is a fawn, 0L at Fashion Mode; necklace from Kunstkammer, DNS gift.

~Other items~
Hair: Truth (Romy - light blondes)
Jumpsuit and tank: Pink Outfitters (The Builder Jumpsuit - hunter green)
Bangles: Fetch (*4 Bangles*)
Sneakers: MK Fashion (Super Sneaks hi-heel - color set 2)
Tunic: Surf Couture (Colleen - Violet) new release!
Jeans: **THE CLOSET** (RollUpDenim)
Earrings: Chuculet.

yabu hunt 2 - gfield
Capri pants, top, shoes and hair flower from G*Field, 0L @ Yabu sim 1st Anniversary hunt.

~Other items~
Hair: Shag (Summer fling - Blondes I)
Waist jacket: Serenity Styles (Transitions jacket - rouge - old camping chair gift)
Bracelet: ICON (Ax)

yabu hunt 1
Blue rose earrings, choker and necklace and pink dress with hat from Kyccie's, 0L @ Yabu sim 1st Anniversary hunt.

~Other items~
Hair: Tiny Bird (Hayden - Dark Blondes Pack)
Shorts with top: KAGUYAHIME (tube pants_c)
Socks: Pig Shop (Socks Mit Suspenders - Clean White), Bijou (stockingC)
Shoes: Redgrave (Athlete Heels - creme/blue), Lya (Valentina - silver) My heart belongs to Daddy hunt gift, at Retrology (already over)

reek robots sg
Cute robots from Reek, subscribo gift in store; hair from Wot?, subscribo gift; tank tops from A Piece of Candy, DNS gifts; necklace from Kunstkammer, DNS gift as well; bangles from EarthStones, subscribo welcome gift. Earrings from Chuculet, 1L.