Mar 24, 2009

A-Bomb & more

a-bomb nr
Addison dropped at me the latest gifts and releases from A-Bomb! You get the Pictures of You dress in teal for only 1L, and the matching ballet boots for 100L. Remember it's only until Friday when they'll come back to regular prices! Thanks Addison!

a-bomb and shadenfreude 1
New release from A-Bomb, Francesca strappy sandals, all texture and color change! They are sold for 50L also until Friday (the regular price is 200L). Visit the new A-bomb location at Snatch City and don't forget to join the subscribe group to get your welcome gift.
These tees are from Schadenfreude, group gift at I heart the Stalust group. Bag from Mezzo lucky board.

fishy strawberry lc
Cute material girl tops from Fishy Strawberry lucky chair. I was lucky enough to get a wild card for both colors! Yay!

av db
Shoes and long baby doll dress from [AV], 1L each.