Mar 9, 2009

THE Poses

I have been planning to make this post for a while now, and when I read the LAP affiliation program and got Dove's poses I decided it was about time to do it. I also deeply need to organize my inventory, so I thought it was a good oportunity. Ok, my inventory is still not close to be organized, but here are the stores I buy my poses from:

lap poses
Long Awkward Poses, aka [LAP].

maytreia poses

sugar mill poses
Sugar Mill.


kru poses
Kru's Boutique.

bingo poses
Bingo - temporarily closed :(

cns poses
CnS E-motion.

vyolettas poses
Vyolettas. It seems like the store moved or something. I'll try to contact the owner to see if there's a new store.

striking poses
Striking Poses, aka SP.

izumiya poses

ks creations poses
KS Creations.

pididdle poses

mnk shop poses
MNK Shop.

So these are a small part of the poses I use on my posts.. And there are some I'm still missing to show but I'll take care of that. :)


Banrion Constantine said...

Where did you get the boots you wear in the picture of the denim green outfit and tee from project kiwi about 3 posts down? I can't seem to leave a message in the Cbox, so maybe you'll see it here.



Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

Hi Banrion! Those boots are from Zero Number.

Banrion Constantine said...

Thank you, Gabi!!!

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

Yw :)

Anonymous said...

Gabi, ohh where did you get this brown outfit from, in pic# 5, the 2nd from left? I love it! Please tell me pretty please :))


Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

Hi Maya! It's from League :)
Yw :P