Mar 26, 2009

New post

miu and duh
Scarf from Miu, pink shoes with black bows (come with a version of white bows too) and purple boots from Duh, all at Harold. I was about to blog this gifts from Harold when I saw Welma's post on This doll has handbook and she found this cute tank from Miu at this other location. The white shoes are also from Duh, at bunny hop gift hunt.

mnk group gift
Skirts from MNK, group gift in store.

kosh egg and miu
The scarf comes in 2 version, with and without flower. Bracelet from KOSH, the bunny hop gift.

seerose lc
Love is a game tattoo, from Seerose Shapes&Tattoos lucky chair.

cupcakes lc 2
Top and skin from Cupcakes lucky chair.