Mar 29, 2009

The Bunny Hop Hunt Part 2 & more

the bunny hop hunt - attituede and stuff
Poses and baskets from Attituede, egg #62; dress and hair from Stuff, egg #229; black and red boots from Studio M'z, egg #59.

the bunny hop hunt - leafy and parallel love
Hair from Hal Nina, egg #34; scarf and boots from Leafy, egg #58; dress from Parallel Love, egg #266.

the bunny hop hunt - encemble and hal nina
Dress from Encemble, egg #48.

bunny hop hunt weird designs little haven
1- Pants and vest from Draconic Kiss, egg #87.
2- Sexy bunny outfit from Little Heaven lucky chair (includes all you see); hair from W&Y, egg #215.
2- Dress from Weird Designs, 1L; necklace from Shampoo, egg #257.

the bunny hop hunt - umi usagi and zhao - kiwi gg
1- Outfit from Umi Usagi, egg #5; hair from Hal Nina lucky board.
2- Shirt and bracelet from Kiwi, group gift in Fashion Consolidated group; boots from Zhao Shoes, egg #299.

pudge and cupcakes gg
Hair and scissors from Pudge, group gift at I heart the Starlust group.

All skins on this post from Cupcakes, new group gift in notices.