Mar 26, 2009

Late thursday

sloves poses 1
Suri dropped on me her new poses from S.LOVES, and they're awesome. The instinct poses are 50L each, and #3 is only 1L now (right). The pose on the left is 0L! Red sneakers from Magi take, 10L for a pair, 40L a fatpack! Pascale dress (with headband) from MALT, Bunny hop hunt gift.

s.loves - gabi and suri
Gabi and Suri and the BFF pose from S.Loves, 0L. By Suri, of course! Ty hon!

the sea hole starlust and malt bunny hop
Gah gah gown from The Sea Hole, at the I heart the Starlust group (in notices). This unicorn fight is a lot of fun! On the right, the gift from MALT. White sneakers with black laces from Magi Take lucky board (outside under the tree). Don't forget to check the new group gift, purple sneakers.

av vlodovic 1
Spring dress from [AV] Vlodovic, 1L. You can wear it without the skirt, comes with capris and shorts. The spring choker is from the lucky board and there are also a cute pair of matching ballet boot I wasn't lucky to get :( But I'm wearing the cute pumps from Duh for the Bunny Hop hunt. The owner of Duh, Renee, sent me the new box for these shoes because there was something wrong with the bows. Well, good for us since she added a new pair to the box (shown below) Yay!! Thanks Renee!

av vlodovic 2
White gown dress from [AV] Vlodovic, subscribo gift to celebrate 1000 members! Green lingerie also from [AV], 20 minutes camping price.

av vlodovic 3
Awesome coat from [AV], another subscribo gift. Look in history.

lemanias 26th
Today's dollarbie at Lemania is the Blue Ice dress. Laura outfit is the Bunny Hop hunt gift. It includes bag, hat, shoes and dress.

lemanias rfl
Also from Lemania Indigo is this beautiful gown, you pay what you wish. Be generous cause it goes to RFL! You will find it just in front of [AV].