Mar 3, 2009

Some Free Style copy and more :P

kosh 2
I read Elusyve's post on Fress Style about Kosh and Concrete Flowers and I so have to blog it too :P
Kosh's outfit (top and skirt), bracelet, necklace and earrings, 1L each.

kosh - napalm tees
Napalm tees also from Kosh, 1L a fatpack.

concrete flower 2
Shirt and skirt from Concrete Flowers, 0L and 1L. Hair and Clover charms from ChiChikie, subscribo gift.

concrete flower 1
Free tops from Concrete Flowers too. Same hair as above, without the boppers.

kuri style and dominion fd
My friend Ana11, knowing I'm a sock fan, told me about Kuri Style socks store and dollarbies (onepiece pants with sweater and rain coat, 1L each). The thights are 10L. Thanks Ana!! Ankle boots from The Dominion Fashion District, 0L.

a piece of candy gg 2
Dress from A Piece of Candy, subscribo gift. It also includes a skin and the outfits below.

a piece of candy gg 1
Suede boots from Sweeter Than Candy and outfits from A Piece of Candy, all from their subscribo groups.

lemania indigo champagne hunt 2
Today's Lemania dollarbie is Jazz Baby dress (comes with skin). The picture I took for Free Second, when I blogged Lemania's hunt. :)

Updated: Forgot to mention all the poses I used on this post are from [LAP], some of them I got on the Blogger Apretiation Program (read more on subscribe-o-matic last message). Thanks a lot, Dove!! :)) I already logged off from SL to go to bed, I'll update the slurl tomorrow. Night all!


Anonymous said...

Love your posts, you're a great blogger, but why do you only credit Free*Style, when Ding from Dlist posted some of the same things before you, as did someone from Love/Hate. Keep up the good work, but don't just credit certain blogs if you copy them, it's unfair to the other 20 worthy blogs that get copied.

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

Tyvm Anon :). I just would like to say that I don't read the 20 blogs you are talking about (and I bet they're really worthy) and that I credit the blogs that posted before me *when I read them before I post*. That's the case of Free Style on this post of mine. Sometimes I only see people already blogged somthing after blogging, so I don't edit my posts to make a post credit ehehe. And that's the case of Ding with Kuri's post and Free Style with A Piece of Candy and Lemania's post.

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

Oh! And sometimes I also forget to mention I've seen stuff on other blogs... just because as you said there are many awesome blogs...
And btw what you mean with Love/Hate? I don't understand.
Ty again :)