Mar 4, 2009

Ibizarre, Oyakin, Cover Girl & Vels

ibizarre sg and cc
Karo Jacket in Pink (new subscribo gift, you get it when you join the group) and denim red top (25 min camping) from Ibizarre. Aviator glasses from [PACADI] (former Maeva) subscribe group gift.

vels st patrick
St. Patrick's dress and socks from Vels Clothing, 75L.

cover girl and oyakin and maeva
Red dress from Cover Girl, opening gift, 0L. Don't forget to check the store, there are 3 lucky boards with nice dresses, which I wasn't lucky enough to get :( Necklace from Alienbear, 0L. Top, shorts and socks from Oyakin, 0L. The top and socks you get here, and the shorts is an opening gift at Pareja sim.