Mar 13, 2009

Gigi Couture

Just a quick update to tell you about the Gigi Couture outlet store at Juicy.

gigi 2
Denim skirt and pink leopard hoodie from *GC*, 1L. I love my boyfriend tdress, 50L. The black boots with pink bows are free at Vixen, Vynil Cafe.

gigi 3
Denim skirt and blue tank, 1L each. Sweater dress, 25L.

gigi 1
Striped tank and thermal tee, 0L; green shorts, 5L; denim skirt, 1L; striped pants with ruffle shirt, 50L.

*goes back to the inventory cleaning... 20k to go.* My goal is to have only 40k left hehe
Have a great weekend!