Mar 30, 2009


vixen and dominion heels
Awesome sculpted foot and toe stilleto heels. And the best part: they're free! The red one you get at Vinyl Cafe and the black at Dominion. Thanks Evangeline!
The glasses are the new freebies from Shade Throne, you need to activate your group tag to get them. I know the picture looks small, but if you click it you can see it bigger.. hehe

edens rezzday
Today's Eden Forwzy (blogger of I started a joke) 2nd rezzday and she's giving away these 2 complete outfits for 1L each. You'll find them here. Includes everything you see (except hair, shape and skin). Thanks Eden, and happy rezzday! Yay!


Emerald Wynn said...

YAY for shoes and outfits! <3

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

LOL.. hit the wrong button!
Ok noone else will find it fun.. The post is here now :P

edenforwzy said...

thank yo very much! kisses!!

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

Ymw Eden :)