Apr 29, 2009

Mashooka Isle Opening Hunt

Find 19 tiny gift boxes spread around the sim. All the boxes I found were outside, I didn't find them all though. The gifts are from Mashooka Designs, S.LOVES and Sway's Creations.

mashooka hunt 4
Dresses from Mashooka Designs. Yesterday (April 29th) was the 2nd Aniversary of Mashooka! And we are the ones who get the gifts.

mashooka hunt 3
Indian outfits from Mashooka.

mashooka hunt 1
Dresses and green Indian summer tunic (short sleeves) and churyia traditional green (Indian bracelet?) from Mashooka. Leg up pose and pole from S.LOVES.

mashooka hunt 6
Indian summer tunic (long sleeve), blouse and pants from MD. Shoulder bear with ball from Sways Creations, gift on the hunt. The eyes worn throughout this post were a gift from Tuli update group (find in notices).

mashooka hunt 2
Lace dress from Mashooka Isle hunt. White prim feet shoes from Sole Sisters, 1L.

mashooka hunt 5
Me drawing a butterfly in front of Sways Creations, at Mashooka Isle. I love this animation. Isn't it cute?! :)

Enjoy the hunt exploring the new sim. It's worthy!

Dyn, A Piece of Candy and Pure Style

a piece of candy and pure style ggs
Striped tank top and pants from A Piece of Candy; top from Pure Style. All from their subscribo groups.

dyn fbs
Pink hoodie from the lucky cupcake and black lace dress, 0L, both from DYN.

anuenue 1st anniversary
Dress from Anuenue; hair from Glitter Hair, lucky board at Anuenue. Both are gifts for the 1st Anniversary of Anuenue shop! Yay! Congratulations and thank you Marea!
PS: Join the new group to be able to get the gifts!

Apr 28, 2009

Some good stuff

jill gg and fb
Denim shorts, shirt and headphone from Jill, group gift instore. Green dress and stockings (separated) also from Jill, 0L. There's also a cute outfit on the lucky board but I wasn't lucky to get it. :(

smitten kitten and av vlodovic
Tank top from Smitten Kitten, 0L. Dress and gloves from AV Vlodovic, subscribo gift.

glow studio and alegria designs db
Lashes from Glow Studio, 1L. Tara Dress Peach from Alegria Designs, 0L. The dress is among the regular vendors. Burgundy shoes from Vinyl Cafe Hunt.

hollie pocket and 50 flats
Scale blue-gray flats from 50 flats, 0L. Tops and pants (on the right) from Holli Pocket, 1L.

4eva gutta lc
Outfit from 4Eva Gutta, lucky chair prize.


atomic lc 3
Top from Atomic lucky chair. Boots from Dilly Dolls midnight mania. Hat from Perturb/ation, 0L. Slurl to perturbation: Hopes Point (199,63,26). SL isn't letting me get the slurl :(

atomic lc 2
Just chill tee, 10L and OMG WTF tee from lucky chair, both at Atomic.

atomic lc 1
Green everyday hoodie, Atomic lucky chair. Hair from Free Speerit, 0L.

Apr 27, 2009

A couple group gifts

Toast gg
Dress, gloves, socks and boots from Toast, subscribo gift.

moonshine ggs
Tees from Moonshine, also subscribo gifts.

leyda style leather jacket
Leather black coat from Leyda Style, 1L.

Vinyl Cafe hunt

studio mz - naive - vinyl cafe
Purple top from Naive, subscribo gift. Black skirt from Studio M'z lucky board. Shoes from Vinyl Cafe hunt.

naive sg and vinyl cafe hunt
Cleo shorts and purple tank from Naive, subscribo gifts. Prim toe shoes from Vinyl Cafe Addicts hunt.

vinyl cafe hunt 1
Vinyl Cafe Addicts hunt: there are 10 pairs of shoes spread around Vinyl Cafe and The Dominion Fashion District. You have to join the group to be able to get the gifts.

vinyl cafe hunt 2

vinyl cafe hunt 3
If you are like me and suck on adjusting the skin color of your shoes, use this tutorial created by Karla Scorbal. It works perfectly for me! Thanks, Karla! Even if you don't speak portuguese, you can easily follow the steps by looking the pictures. :)

Apr 26, 2009

Late Sunday

magika new sb gift
Hair from Magika, welcome gift to the new subscribo group.

exile and so many styles gg
Lace skirts from So Many Styles, group gift in notices.

exile laynie
Laynie hair from Exile. It's not free, but the designer kindly made this hair to help Laynie send her son to diabetes camp. All proceeds from the style will go to Laynie until she’s reached her goal. You can read about it here. All my good thoughts and positive vibes to wish she reaches her goal soon! Let's help, girls!

Post #102, oh well

blue blood lc
New dresses from Blue Blood lucky chair. There are 8 colors that show up randomly on the chair. Ty, Ghanima! Love them as usual!

michami and concrete flowers
Purple tank and scarf from Michami, subscribo gift (will be available till May 1st). Spring outfit (jeans shorts, shirt and knit thights), 1L, and flower power gloves, 1L for a fatpack, from Concrete Flowers.

dutch touch skin hunt
Onyx skins, purple especial edition, from Dutch Touch. They're spread around the sim, 0L. Thanks for your help, Goli!

Post #101!!

mis fb
White stripe hoodies from Mischief Fashion, 0L for 3 colors, only for this weekend. Blue thights from Project Kiwi, 1L for 4 colors, also only for this weekend.

project kiwi dbs
Tank tops and thights from Project Kiwi, 1L.

tyranny - love chic fashcon - lunas
Ripped tank from Tyranny Designs, 0L for a pack of 6 colors. Brown belt from Love Chic, closing gift at Fashion Consolidated group (check notices). Mini red latex dress from Lunas Boutique, group gift in notices. Black ballerina shoes from Deviant Designs, Midnight Mania board prize.

Apr 25, 2009

Elate, Magia and House of Hucci

elate and magia ggs
New dress from Elate!, this one is a gift from the subscribe group. Choker and earrings from Magia, also subscribo gift.

house of hucci sale
Dresses and jewels from House of Hucci. Some items are marked down to 4, 5 and 7L for 24 hours only. Hair from Tiny Bird, the one I wear on 1, 3 and 4 pics is 1L for a fat pack.

And one small post

studio mz lucky chair
Jeans skirt with belt and cowboy boots from Studio M'z lucky chair.

pop feel spring gift
Parka dress and shoes from Pop Feel, 0L.

Apr 23, 2009

One big post

Some gifts and items from Car Wash and The Wash hunt. Find the rotten eggs on both sims. The hunt was supposed to end yesterday, I don't know when it's going to end now.

axel april db
Dress with shirt and leggings from Axel, 1L.

femdom gg 2
Lingeries and bronze boots from Femdom group. You can join the group at The Dominion Fashion District. The bed with frame and pose is from Pose Stars, old lucky chair prize I think.
femdom gg 1
These are the items in the Naughty box at Femdom group: black leather corset and panties with red bow, champagne creme bra, corset, panties and stockings, and the bronze laced boots. Thanks, Evangeline!

Now the gifts I found at Car Wash and The Wash hunt:
car wash hunt 5
Plaid top by Miss Honeypumpkin's; purple swimsuit and glasses from Artilleri.

car wash hunt 3
Short pants, tee and vest from Balaclava; checkered short pants and polo tee from Hell Bop.

car wash hunt 2
Hanna dress from Dress from Flon; Purple dress from Ingenue.
car wash hunt 1
Same outfit from Balaclava, without the vest. Batshit tee, pants and belt from Siren.
car wash hunt 4
Basketball outfit (shorts and shirt) from A-Bomb (using S.Loves basketball pose again, 0L). Purple pants and tank from PinUp Dolls.

Apr 22, 2009

To call it a night

muism and plus
Satin ruffle top from Muism lucky chair. Glam tote in pink from +Plus, update group gift (in notices).

miu star dresses gg
Star dresses from Miu, group gift in store.

dcny - av vlodovic - royal blue
Green and black dresses from DCNY, 0L and 1L. Gray tights (they're color changeable) from Royal Blue, welcome gift on the subscribo group. White and teal dress from AV Vlodovic, subscribo gift. Necklace and bangles on 1st pic are from (Luc) Fashion Jewelry, 0L.

s.loves basketball
Basketball with pose from S.LOVES, 0L. Outfit from Boom, 25L on sale. Thank you for the gifts, Suri babe! :)) Weee!