Aug 30, 2011

# 393

Hi! I'm so glad with the new viewer 3 they sorted out that annoying inventory delay! It was making me so irritated that I wasn't feeling like blog at all. But now, it's all good!  Now I wait till Kirstens has it fixed too! Till then, loving Viewer 3 (using the beta version btw).

~~EDITED~~ Seems like I've spoken too soon. Suddenly It started to crash on every attempt to take a snapshot. EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Talking about annoying things, does anyone know how to get rid off the black line on top of snapshots?? I appreciate any feedbacks!

And now for today's goodies.

The Secret Store - TDR
Dress from The Secret Store at The Dressing Room.

~Other items~
Hair: D!va
Shoes: Vive9
Bag: Lelutka
Skin: Dutch Touch

vanitas vesture moody mondays
Tunic and skirt from Vanitas Vesture. It was for Moody Mondays, but I bought it today (Tuesday), so you may be lucky too.

~Other items~
Hair: tram
Skin and lipstick: Dutch Touch
Lipstain: Chelle
Eye makeup: Glamurize
Shoes: Hoorenbeek
Fishnet thights: Blowpop
Bracelet: Legit
Earrings: MB Style
Ring: Kosh
Hair band: DP Yumyum

PRISS and ISON TFG - sey - dutch touch
Skirt from Priss and shoes from Isson, both available at The Fashion Garret.

~Other items~
Hair: Friday
Skin: Dutch Touch
Shirt: Mon Tissu
Bag: Sey
Bracelets: League
Cigarrete: FNKY!
tulip and cheerNo TGF - lelutka - diva - dutch touch
Top from CheerNo and bag from Tulip, also at TFG. New mesh shoes from Lelutka!

~Ohter items~
Skirt: Fishy Strawberry
Hair: D!va (group gift)
Skin: Dutch Touch
Headband: Action

DDL and tulip - TFG
Top from Tulip, necklace and earrings from DDL, more stuff you can find at TFG this week. I'm so in love with this necklace!!

~Other items~
Hair: Taketomi
Shoes: Maitreya
Pants: GATO
Skin: Dutch Touch

haut mond TFG - kik - ricielli

Mesh skirt from Haut Mond, TFG item.

~Other items~
Hair: Kik
Skin: DT
Shoes and jacket: Ricielli

Aug 29, 2011

# 392

I was supposed to blog some of these pics last weekend, but I coudn't.. I hope you can still grab the goodies. Some are new though, and you'll sure to find them.

slink mesh - diva group gift
Pants from SLink, for mesh viewer users only. I'm loving this mesh thing, it's amazing how you change poses and the clothes keep fitting you perfectly! And the best part? There pants are free, and comes with a color change hud with 3 colors! The hair is also free, from D!va, it's their new group gift. You get a fatpack with all colors and 2 styles (shown below). 

~Other items~
Skin: Pink Fuel
Feet: Maitreya
Shirt: TokiD (50L at Euphoria end of summer sale)
Necklace and bracelets: Miel
diva new release - vive9 - maitreya
More newness from D!va (not free). This is Mimi, and each pack comes with 2 colors and 2 styles (also shown below).

~Other items~
Skin: Pink Fuel
Shoes: Maitreya
Dress with belt: Vive9
Bracelet: Miel
jane mesh - diva new
The last of the 3 new releases from D!va, but not less cute, is Ami (not free). As always, the pack comes with 2 colors and 2 styles. The skirt is from Jane, another mesh 'awesomeness'! It's not free, but it's very affordable as everything from Jane.

~Other items~
Skin: Pink Fuel
Shoes: SLink
Top: G Field
Bracelet: Miel

diva new release  - Mana group gift
Mana, from D!va (group gift in store).

diva new release  - Mimi
Mimi, from D!va.

diva new release  - Ami
Ami, from D!va.

fishy strawberry - A.G. eyes
Skirt and belt from Fishy Strawberry @ The Dressing Room. Eyes from A.G @ Fashionably Late

~Other items~
Skin: Pink Fuel
Shoes: Lelutka
Hair: Ploom
Top: G Field
Eye shadows: Chelle
eos sale euphoria - michami - sigma
Dress from Michami, 50L, and bracelets and rings from Sigma, 50L for the set, all at Euphoria EOS sale

~Other items~
Hair: Kik
Shoes: Maitreya
Nails: Urbanity
hucci subscribo gift
And more mesh!! This jumpsuit was sent through Hucci subscribo last week, if you didn't get it, you should definitely go check if it's still available!

~Other items~
Hair: KMH
Shoes: Maitreya
Skin: LAQ
fishy strawberry - kosh - aoharu sale
This dress from Fishy Strawberry was on sale at the last Fashionably Late, and it's a preview of the upcoming fall collection. It's not available at main store, so I guess you have to wait till she releases it. Fishy Strawberry also has 3 awesome outfits for 50L at EOS sale.

~Other items~
Hair: Kik
Skin: LAQ
Shoes: Aoharu (still on sale, I suppose)
Earrings: KOSH
tarnished - aoharu - boom - truth

truth - tarnished - maitreya
Panties from Tarnished, available at Market Place here. Tank top from Boom, and hair from Truth, both available at Collabor88, for 88L. Grey heart tee from Emery @ TDR Blue

~Other items~
Flat shoes: Maitreya
Skin: LAQ
Lace top: Aoharu
Ring, earrings and bracelet: KOSH

Aug 21, 2011

# 391

Hello everyone! I'm sorry for being absent, RL is too busy and I also had to deal with some problems and stuff. I miss blogging a lot! I'll try to update the blog more often. I'm glad to be back and I hope you are too! :D

Well, it's really hard to catch up in SL fashion after almost 3 months, but here's what I have so far. There are sales, awesome new releases, hunts, weekly events and discount shops, group gifts and OMG so many good stuff!

milk motion - illusory - duh - kosh
Skin: Illusory, 88L for Collabor88 (freckles and moles from Dutch Touch skins);
Espadrille flats: Duh, 25L only (NEW - and there's a pink pair for free in store); 
Vest: Milk Motion for The Dressing Room Blue;
Sunglasses: Fishy Strawberry for The Dressing Room;
Bag: Tarnished (I bought it yesterday at CHIC and it was really cheap, but I went there again today and they're changing the collection, so the bag wasn't there anymore :( I couldn't find Tarnished in world, but here's a link to the market place. The bag is not for sale there, but there are other cheap and cool things! Check out the summer jerk panties, they're awesome! Well, maybe they're oldie for you, but for me they're fab newness! lol);
Ring and necklace: KOSH (NEW);
Earrings: KOSH also;
Shorts: The Sea Hole for Collabor88;

grixdale colabor88 - lelutka - maitreya
Skin: Lelutka (group gift in notices, comes in 5 tones - moles and freckles from Dutch Touch);
Shoes: Maitreya (subscribo gift);
Hair: Elikatira for Collabor88;
Dress: Grixdale for Collabor88 (the pack comes with 4 dresses and makeups, it's a goodbye pack since the store is closing, which made me sad cause I <3 Grixdale);
Ring: KOSH.

The poses are from Glitterati, which is having a 100L sale on packs! Yay! I also got a free pack using my store credits!