Mar 28, 2021


 Hi! Just one look for today. I'll try to have some more during the week. :)

Jacket with shirt from Gabriel  and shoes from REIGN, both for FLF. Pants from SPIRIT for TSS, bag from DDL, hair (on left pic) from Sintklia and glasses from Chris Two Designs, 60L each for HW.

The glasses come with a HUD for customization and many animated lenses. Very cool!

~Other items~
Hair on right pic: Navy Cooper
Earrings, nails and rings: Ysoral



Mar 21, 2021


 Yay! Post #500! :) It's been a long time. I know I stayed away for a long time, and because of that I lost most of my readers :( But it's ok. I really love blogging, so I don't mind much. So thank you for reading me, I know there are a few of you out there! <3

Sweater and skirt fom (fd), 75L each for The Saturday Sale; bag from DDL and cat neck tattoo from Carol G., 60L each for Happy Weekend; hair and cap from Mina, 50L for FLF; sweater tied around neck  from Coco, group gift in store; lipstick from Tutti Belli, SoKawaii Sundays group gift.

So I finally went to Skin Fair and ended up grabbing the new Evolution X head from Lelutka. I also bought a skin from Lara Hurley to use with the head. I'm still editing my shape but I like it so far. So have you tried the new head? Do you like it? :) I <3 it!

~Other items~
Septum ring: Quirky
Rings on right hand: MIDNA
Earrings, nose piercing, nails, rings on left hand and necklace: Ysoral
Ring on right thumb: Orsini
Thights: The Annex
Boots: BumbleBee

Suit from Ryvolter, cat neck tattoo from Carol G., and glasses from BONDI, 60L each for HW; shoes from REIGN for TSS.

~Other items~
Septum ring: Quirky
Rings on right hand: MIDNA
Earrings, nose piercing, nails, rings on left hand and necklace: Ysoral
Ring on right thumb: Orsini
Bag: Ryvolter
Hair: Mina
Short neckalce: Supernatural


Mar 13, 2021


 Hello! Have you been to the skin fair yet? I haven't but I'm dying to! I'll try to go tomorrow, then I will post what I buy! :D

Shirt and shorts from SEUL, 75L the set, for TSS. Shoes from DDL for HW and hair from TRUTH, group gift in notices (350L to join).

The hair comes with 2 different styles, with 2 styles of bangs each. The cross in the necklace is from Ysoral, for HW.

~Other items~
Septum ring: Quirky
Neckstrap with earphone: Gabriel
Nose piercing, rings, necklace, nails and earrings: Ysoral
Backpack: Zenith
Bra: Zaara (included in Maitreya body)
Lipstick: VELOUR
Eyeliner: TOP1SALOM

Blazer (can be worn with or without the lace top) from Coco, bag from DDL and pants from SPIRIT, 60L each for HW; hair from Doe, 50L for Wanderlust; glasses from Balaclava for FLF; shoes from REIGN, for TSS.
The glasses from Balaclava are color change via menu. Each pair comes with 3 colors. There is a free wearable demo in pastel colors! :)

REIGN shoes come with fatpack HUD.

~Other items~
Septum ring: Quirky
Nose piercing, rings, necklace, nails, neckalce and earrings: Ysoral
Lipstick: VELOUR
Eyeliner: TOP1SALOM

That's all for today. Thanks for reading!

Mar 7, 2021


 Hi! Happy Sunday!

Top (includes optional belt) and pants from Tres Blah; hair from Lamb, all for TSS. Lipstick from Tutti Belli for SoKawaii Sundays and eyeshadow from IDDTY for HW.

I bought 2 more charms for my Ysoral necklace, 60L each for HW. You need the necklace to add new charms!

~Other items~
Septum Ring: Quirky
Rings and earrings: Ysoral
Bracelets: Alantori and Ysoral
Boots: Cult
Backpack: Blume

Hair from Sintkiklia and shoes from DDL, both for HW. Necklace from Supernatural and glasses from Peekaboo, 50L each for Wanderlust.

The glasses come with a HUD for metal colors and the necklace pack also includes earrings. Lipstick from Tutti Belli for SoKawaii Sundays and eyeshadow from IDDTY for HW.

~Other items~
Septum Ring: Quirky
Rings, nose piercieng and earrings: Ysoral
Bracelets: Alantori and Ysoral
Dress: VINYL
Fishnets: erratic (old item, i don't know if it's still for sale)
Hairbase: Alantori