Oct 29, 2009

# 235

modd G - existence hunt
Halloween Hunt at Existence sim! Find the bags and you get tricks or treats (1L or 0L). These cute tank tops are from Modd.G. The pumpkin on head is the trick! :D

~Other items~
Hair: Lamb
Shoes: SoReal
Pants: The Closet
Cuffs: ShadeThrone

miseria - existence hunt
Here are some of the tricks and treats from Miseria. Also at Existence Halloween Hunt.

nestle my bosom and the naked tree - existence hunt
Mustache power tee and mustache from The Naked.Tree; white tank and green v-neck tee from Nestle my Bosom. All at Existence hunt.

boom - existence hunt
Bracelets and hoodie from Boom, Existence hunt.

~Other items~
Hair: Fri.day

envy hunt
There is also a hunt at the Gal sim, and Envy is giving away 9 colors of the Liquid set. Each one comes with babydoll and bra options and cute ruffles!

~Other items~
Hair: Raspberry Aristrocat
Shoes: Pixel Mode
Bracelet: Icon
All poses from S.LOVES by Suri Christen

marinoco and ninikoboy
Spider web gown from Marinoco, 0L; shirt from Ninikoboy, 0L.

~Other items~
Hair: Lelutka, RubiSoho
Sneakers: UBU
Pants: Niniko
Socks: Pig
Hat: Second Wave Apparel (old halloween gift)

MISCHIEF orange sale
At Mischief Fashions, everything  orange is only 50L! Sweater, polo shirt and ruffles set from Mischief, 50L each. The shoes are from In her Shoes, 0L! I'm not sure if the store is closing (what would be bad, cause there are some cute shoes) or what, but everything there is free!

~Other items~
Hair: Lamb, BooN, BooN
Pants: Boom
Salopete: Anuenue
Whtie shirt: Coco
Bracelets: ShadeThrone

MISCHIEF orange sale 2
Sweaters from Mischief Fashions, 50L each.

~Other items~
Hair: ETD, BooN
Shoes: SoReal
Pants: The Closet
White tank: Ohmai
Glasses: Tres Blah

dutch touch - Jolie cream
And last, but not least, my new buyings, the new release from Dutch Touch: Jolie!! I love this skin, the makeup colors are just awesome! I'm showing just 5 makeups, there are 16 in total, and of course I bought them all! lol Now I'm a proud owner of Jolie, River II, Cleo, pips and no pips, some in Cream, some in PaleApricot, some in Caramel... **NOT FREE**

Btw, 50L Friday is coming again! Yay! lol :D
This week: This is a Fawn, Surf Co, Niniko, Ohmai, Reek, League, Tyranny, TinyBird, Adore&Abhor, Scribble, Pididdle, Epoque and Katat0nic.

Oct 28, 2009

# 234

miel halloween gift
Cute cute cute Pumpkin Couture dress from Miel, subscribo gift. The face on the skirt changes! And there is also a version without the face, if you think it's too creepy... And also includes the head piece. I love it!

~Other items~
Hair: Maitreya
Boots: J's

suicidal unborn - haloween gift
Crazy nurse outfit from Suicidal Unborn, subscribo gift. The costume is fabulous, comes with nurse hat, 'instrument to kill', gloves, stetoscope, socks, garther, panties, top and skin! Isn't she an angel? :D

~Other items~
Hair: Maitreya
Shoes: Sole Sisters

miamai halloween gift
Halloween gown from Miamai, 0L. It includes the dress and the rotating pumpkin belt. The fog is included on the skirt. Very nice for a classy Haloween party. :)

&bean halloween gift
Skin from &Bean, 0L. It's inside the skull.

~Other items~
Hair: Lamb
Shoes: J's
Bikini: Nomine (old gift)

trick or treat event @ malt
There is a Trick or Treat event going on at Malt, Juicy and Juicy Mirabella sims and many store are participating. You have to find the basket inside the stores, pay 1L and see what you get! I got cardigan, top and shorts from Djinn and Tonic; pumpkin knit from Malt; striped and black tanks and necklace from Spork.

~Other items~
Hair: Hair OH (Designers United 2)
Shoes: Boing Fromage (Designers United 2)
Jeans shorts and pants: Maitreya
Skull leggings: Coco (halloween freebie)
Cuff: ShadeThrone

atomic hunt 2
Tanks, skins, hair and tattoo from Atomic, hunt gifts.

atomic hunt 1
Tees, hair and skins also from Atomic hunt.

atomic hunt 3
You can find 3 tones of skins, each one with 2 makeups, w/ and w/out freckles. At Atomic hunt.

Oct 26, 2009

# 233

twosome and w&b - sunny hunt
At the Sunny Sim there is a Halloween sale, you buy the HUD for 0L and you have to find the bones spread around the sim. Once you complete the skeleton, you go to the stores to get your prizes. Oh this picture I'm showing black and pumpkin aprons and necklace from Twosome; orange vest from Whippet & Buck; earrings from Malt.

~Other items~
Hair with hat: Hair OH
Shoes: Miel
Pants: BP
Scarf: Aoharu
White tee: Fri.day

elate-tiny bird-ohmai-malt - sunny hunt
Still on Sunny hunt: Dress from Elate; top from Ohmai, pants from Decoy and braid hair with feathers from Tiny Bird; top and earrings from Malt.

~Other items~
Hair: Lamb, Tiny Bird, Hair OH
Shoes: J's, G Field, Miel
Necklace: Miss 80s (free at Designers United 2)
Leggings: Blowpop
Skirt: Fishy Strawberry
Socks: Noju

friday and decoy - sunny hunt
All tops from Fri.day and pants from Decoy, at Sunny Halloween hunt.

~Other items~
Hair: Hair OH, Truth, Lamb (fab new release!)
Shoes and bracelet: Miel
Necklace: LaGyo
Earrings: Fri.day (free)

friday halloween gifts
More tops from Fri.day, these are free at the main store, you have to find the orange and black boxes around. Very easy! There are 5 boxes with 4 tops and earrings.

~Other items~
Hair: Lamb, Hair OH
Shoes: J's, Miel
Socks: Pig, BlackNoir
Necklace and cuffs: ShadeThrone
Skirt: Nawhal
Pants: BP (part of skirt)
Belt: Aoharu
Finger tapes: Linc (1L)

drop dead diva tees
Cool tees from Drop Dead Diva. The "I'm up here" ones are 5L each and the "Good Girl Gone Bad" in black is 50L. The store has many nice at very affordable prices! Thanks Riyah!

~Other items~
Hair: Epoque, Fri.day
Boots: J's
Hat: Surf Co (skipping stones hunt gift)
Pants: HC&Co
Earrings, cuffs and bracelet: ShadeThrone
Belt: Kuntskammer

crazy - michami - ume mode
Dress with stole from Crazy, halloween gift, 1L. Tank and scarf from Michami, 0L at the Deck. Brown short pants from Ume Mode, group gift in store. The hair with hat on the left is from W&Y, free at Albero Fair and the hair in the middle is from Kik, 1L.

~Other items~
Hair: W&Y, Kik, Epoque
Shoes: Maitreya, J's
Bracelet: P/a, ShadeThrone
Pants: Malt
White shirt: Coco
Checked shirt: Aoharu
Socks: Ducknipple

paradisis 2
I read on SLEX and The City (URL on my blog roll) about this black dress for 50L at Paradisis and of course, as a shopping addict as I am, I had to go check. The dress is cool, you can wear with 2 colors of bras or just without the bra, and the collar and bracelet are included. And while checking the store I found some nice freebies too. Pink dress with bra (and panties), 0L.

~Other items~
Hair: Zero Style, Lamb
Shoes: J's, Maitreya Gold

paradisis 1
Top and skirt, 0L, bag, subscribo gift, panties, tank and jacket, 0L, all from Paradisis.

~Other items~
Hair: Lamb, Uncle Web
Shoes: Maitreya Gold, UBU
Pants: Mischief (old group gift)

idiosyncrasy - the deck
Skins from Idiosyncrasy. At The Deck you get all these 4 makeups of Mia pinup for only 100L. It's great deal! :)

I've made many pics with the items I got at Designers United II, but I'm not blogging them. If you want you can check them on my Flickr. :)

Oct 25, 2009

# 232

avantmelon gg - amerie lb and gg - de sg
Bolero and cap from Avantmelon, group gift in store. Brown skirt from Amerie, also group gift in store. Bracelet from sey lucky board. The white witch dress and hat are from Amerie too, lucky board prize. There is also a black version of it and some pose pumpkins on the lucky boards. Book of Shadows from Dark Eden, subscribo gift. Comes in black and orange and thigh version as well. Bat necklace from AlienBear, 0L.

~Other items~
Hair: Epoque, Zero Style
Shoes: UBU, J's
Earrings: Miel
Tank: Ohmai

hoPo sht happens-sey-mischief-anuenue-plastik
Skirt from Sh*it Happens, 0L at HodgePodge. Pumpkin bag from sey, lucky board prize. Socks from Plastik, scarf from Anuenue and top from Mischief, already blogged.

~Other items~
Hair: Glitter
Boots: J's

HoPo halloween - elate - barcode - clubhouse
At HodgePodge I also found this dress from Elate, 0L, shirt from ClubHouse, 0L, and top from Barcode, 10L. Bag and bracelet from sey lucky board.

~Other items~
Skins: Dutch Touch
Hair: Fri.day, Zero Style
Boots: J's
Necklace: ShadeThrone
Skirt: Milk Motion

avantmelon dolarbies
Dresses and top from Avantmelon, 1L each. The white and blue one comes with socks.

~Other items~
Hairr: Glitter, Fri.day
Shoes: Duh, Cherry, GField, J's
Shorts: Oyakin

connors gg
Outfit from Connors, group gift in store. It includes 2 shirts, socks and half pants. The turtle neck sweater comes in many layers, you can wear it under the Halloween sweater. Boots from Duh, lucky chair prize.

~Other items~
Hair: Fri.day
Necklace: LaGyo

t2t new dolarbie
Dresses from Top 2 Toe, 1L. Includes black and orange versions, leggings, shoes, necklace and earrings.

All poses from [LAP].

Oct 23, 2009

# 231

this is a fawn - tres blah - shadethrone
White dress from This is a Fawn and glasses from Tres Blah, 50L Friday items. Cowboy boots from Duh, 25L. Collar piercing from ShadeThrone, group gift in store.

~Other items~
Hair: Truth
Gloves: Docomo
Hair flower: LaGyo (Ty Gyo! :)
Leggings: :: M * A * ii * K * I ::

shai - kyoot - this is a fawn - deco
Hair from Lamb and skin from 5th&Oxford (on the left side), dress from Casa del Shai, skirt from Kyoot, vest from This is a Fawn, glasses from Deco, 50L Friday items.

~Other items~
Hair: Truth
Bracelet: P/a
Shoes: Maitreya Gold

5th& oxford and lamb
The skin from 5th&Oxford and hair from Lamb, 50L Friday.

miel - pig shop - tiaf
Dress from This is a Fawn, necklace, bracelet and earrings from Miel, dickies from Pig Shop (come with 3 colors), 50L Friday. Hair from RubiSoho, 0L, YS-Mall hunt gift. Boots from Duh, lucky chair prize.

~Other items~
Cardigans: EnSvale, Boom
Pants: Armidi

gabriel gg
Earrings from Gabriel, group gift in store.

~Other items~
Skin: Dutch Touch (new!!)
Hair: RubiSoho
Cardigan: EnSvale

dyn - duh
Pants, top and dress from DYN, 1L and group gift. There are other 3 gifts in the store, each one located at a different section. Wear your group tag to get them. Boots from Duh, subscribo gift.

~Other items~
Hair: Truth
Hair flower: LaGyo
Necklaces: LaGyo, ShadeThrone

mischief tube tops sg
Tube tops from Mischief, subscribo gift. Boots from Duh, 25L each (50 for a fatpack!!).

~Other items~
Hair: RubiSoho (hunt gift)
Leggings: Gigi Couture
Bracelet: P/a
Collar piercing: Shade Throne (group gift)

thimbles 50L Friday
Cute Paper Doll costume from Split Tea, 50L Friday.

All poses from (pda), some of them are in the 2 boxes on sale for 50L Friday.

Oct 21, 2009

# 230

wigwambam news
WigWamBam has a new mainstore and releases!: 'What time is it?' costume, 1L, and cool animal bodysuits, not free. Tattoos from I heart Rien, lucky board prize. Long hair from Glitter, 100L sale on all styles!

~Other items~
Hair: Zero Style
Boots: BAX

pididdle - i heart rien - glitter
Sweater from Pididdle, 0L (new!). Body tattoo from I heart Rien lucky board. Hair on the left from Glitter, 0L.

~Other items~
Hair: Zero Style
Boots: J's, BAX
Pants: MNK
Suit: Ayumi
Socks: Kookie
Bracelet and earrings: Miel

cupcakes faery
Fairy skins from Cupcakes, 0L and come with 10 tones. Fairy costume also from there, 50L.

~Other items~
Hair: Glitter (100L sale)
Boots: J's

anuenue - rahz
Scarf and armwarmers from Anuenue, Gatcha Festival at Cioccolata, 30L each. Pants (with belt) from Rahz Store, not released yet. The store is closed for renewal and will open again soon. Can't wait to see what else Rahzinha has for us! I love these pants!

~Other items~
Hair w/ hat: Hair OH
Shirt: Coco
Vest: Armidi
Cami: Ohmai

momo - frugalista
Dresses from ~momo~, 1L for both colors (halloween gift). Necklace from Frugalista, 2L each or 36L for a fatpack (last day!!!)

~Other items~
Hair: Hair OH
Shoes: N-Core
Thights: Blowpop
Bracelets: Violet Voltaire

hoorenbeek - candy mountain - peppermint
Strawberry tee, socks and blush from Candy Mountain, 0L. Sneakers from Hoorenbeek, MHOH gift. Brown and orange shoes from PeppermintBlue, subscribo gift.

~Other items~
Hair: Hair OH
Shorts: Maitreya, En Svale
Cardigan: En Svale
Leggings: Ohmai
Socks: Sen2 (Gatcha Festival)

wildo bag
Awesome bag from WildO, 0L.

~Other items~
Hair: Hair OH
Shoes: BAX
Shirt: Malt (50% off at Fusion)
Pants: Thimbles

emmepose and i heart rien
EmmaPose is having a 50% off sale on animations, and there's an Emotional Pack with 3 poses plus a cool emotion hud for free! I'm showing only 3 faces, but there are many of them on the hud! Free until saturday only.

Oh and about the SL Good Deals group again, it's now really showing in search! Yay! lol Or you can join by clicking here. Help me making the group grow, girls! :D

Oct 19, 2009

# 229

Today I'm going to flood you with pics... Yeah, more than I usually do lol

cupcakes lc 2
Yellow formal dress, skins, top and pants, shape and eyes (on 1st and 2nd pic) and short pink dress from Cupcakes, lucky chair prizes. The red pants with top, shape and skins are in the GiftBag #16 (there are many gift bags on lucky chairs!).

~Other items~
Hair: Fri.day, Epoque (new!), Tiny Bird (50% off sale on Festivale)
Shoes: J's, Hoorenbeek
Earrings: Shade Throne
Necklace: Lelutka

cupcakes lc
Skins, eyes and shape from Cupcakes lucky chairs. The 3rd one is the Daydream makeup on the members only lucky board. Both tops are also at the lucky chairs.

urbanity and dahlinks
Dress from Urbanity, having a 99L sale on all items (including skins!). Necklace from Dahlinks, this orange color is only 50L for a limited time. Hair from Tiny Bird, all styles are 50% off at Festivale.

~Other items~
Skin: Redgrave
Shoes: Bax
Thights: Blowpop
Earrings: Shade Throne

intrigue co gifts
Tops from Intrigue Co., 1L each for the opening of the new main store. Hair from Tiny Bird, 50% off.

~Other items~
Shape: Cupcakes
Shoes and prim socks: League
Socks: Noju
Shorts: Niniko (group gift)

rezipsa loc 1
Tops from RezIpsa Loc, M&M hunt, lucky chair (it says "I'm a virgin, but this is an old shirt' lol) and Sperm Hunt gifts. Hair from Tiny Bird, 50% off. Skin from Atomic vip group, 250L to join.

~Other items~
Pants: Fishy Strawberry (on sale at Albero)
Flat shoes: Scribble
Earrings: Shade Throne

rezipsa loc - tyranny - tiny bird
Skins from Tyranny Designs, 100L each makeup, the fatpack being 1,200L. I think it's a steal, the skins are very cool! You can find them outside the store, where there is also a 50L sale on many items. Hair from Tiny Bird, 50% off sale.

~Other items~
Tops: RezIpsa

rezipsa loc 2
1L halloween tees from RezIpsa Loc. Hairs from Kin and Fligreemotion, 1L each (they come with black hair also).

~Other items~
Skin: Tyranny
Shoes: Scribble
Pants: Fishy Strawberry
Earrings: Shade Throne

scribble - tyranny
Orange dress and ballet flats from Scribble, 50L each. The store is having a 50L sale on all orange products! Purple dress and thights from Tyranny Designs, 50L (outside). Hairs from Tiny Bird.

thorn rose - anuenue
Complete halloween costume with boots, skirt, top, engine hair and earrings from The Thorn's Rose, 0L. There are some gift hunts at the store too, and lucky chair, I'll try to show you later. Scarf and gloves from Anuenue/NokMak, group gift in store. There are other colors of them on the Gatcha Festival at Albero for 30L.

~ Other items~
Hair: Epoque
Black outfit: Niniko (group gift)
Thights: Blowpop
Socks: Noju
Shoes: Scribble

Moxie Polanos lc
Sexy witch and CatWoman costumes from Moxie Polanos, lucky chair gifts. They're both complete outfits with shape, eyes, and the Catwoman also comes with skin. Ty Sexy for the tp!!

~Other items~
Hair: Tiny Bird
Boots: BAX, J's

atomic gg
Skins from Atomic, group gift in notices (250L to join). 2 makeups with freckles and no freckles versions. Very nice!

~Other items~
Hair: Tiny Bird
Top: Artilleri dress

All poses I used on this post are from [LAP], also 50% off at Festivale!! There are other stores having sales to celebrate the 1st anniversary of Festivale. :)