Apr 28, 2011

# 385

For today some cheap or even free skins!

the fashion garret - al vulo gg
Skin from Al Vulo, new group gift in store.

~Other items~
Hair: Elikatira
Shoes: Miel (new)
Socks: Maitreya
Jacket: La Blaq @ The Fashion Garret
Sweater: Arnadi @ The Fashion Garret
Skirt: Pepper @ The Fashion Garret
Earrings and bracelets: Nha! @ The Fashion Garret
Eyes: The Fashion Garret group gift
Necklace: Sigma
Bag: Izumiya
Poses: Still Life

spirit store - iren TGF
Skin from Iren @ The Fashion Garret.

~Other items~
Hair: 69 (new)
Shoes: Lelutka
Pants and tank: Spirit Store (new)
Shirt and cuffs: Coco
Belt: Pepper
Bag: Izumiya
Eyes: Unique Megastore
Poses: Still Life

spirit store - essences TGF
Skin from Essences @ The Fashion Garret. The pack comes with many options, like skins with or without brows, cat eyeliner, blush and more.

~Other items~
Hair: Maitreya (new)
Shoes: Pixel Mode
Top and pants: Spirit Store (new)
Necklace: Sigma
Bracelets: JD (new)
Bag: Izumiya
Poses: Still Life
spirit store - filthy skinsTGF
Skin from Filthy Skins @ The Fashion Garret.

~Other items~
Hair: Milana
Shoes: Miel (new)
Top and pants: Spirit Store (new)
Inner top: Jane
Necklace, bracelt and ring: KOSH (n/a - 50 of a kind item)
Hair bow: TokiD
Poses: Still Life

heartsick lucky board
Skin from HeartSick, lucky board prize. Comes with and without freckles, teeth, cleavage and more.

~Other items~
Hair: Elikatira
Shoes: N-Core (past gift)
Dress: Cahmere @ The Fashion Garret
Earrings: Caroline's
Pose: Still Life
My new kitten, Bridget! Isn't it cute? It's been really fun playing with her. Thank you, Katya! For Bridget and her Little Boxes bed! :D

croire subscribo gift
The timing was perfect to get my kitten, Croire sent out this cute pet house on their subscribo. :D

Apr 27, 2011

# 384

Hello all :) Today I have a few random stuff to show. Here's the pics:

snatch gg - cheerNo PT
Dress, necklace and stockings from Sn@tch, group gift in notices (fee to join). The cute orange dress is from CheerNo and it was the Project Themeory item last weekend. I'm sorry I couldn't blog it before.

~Other items~
Hair: Elikatira, Analog Dog
Shoes: Elikatira, Anexx
Bag: Izumyia
Bracelet: KOSH (1L)
Necklaces: Sn@tch, League
Skin and eyes: Unique Megastore
Poses: Juxtapose

elikatira - crazy - bingo - Unique
Skirt from Bingo, subscribo gift.

~Other items~
Tops: League (new), Crazy (new)
Jeans: Grixdale
Shoes: League, Hoorenbeek
Hair: Elikatira
Bag: Izumyia
Braceltes: JD (new)
Earrings: Mandala
Skin and eyes: Unique Megastore
Poses: Juxtapose

ingenue - artMEfashion - grixdale
Well, I was meaning to show this skirt from Ingenue, jeans and pink top from Grixdale, all for Lazy Sunday, but as you can see I'm late (again!).

~Other items~
Hair: Elikatira (I suppose I'm also late to say there was a sale with all hair styles for 80L per color pack :( )
Hat, pumps and necklace (left pic): ArtME
Shirt: W&B
Vest: Fleshtone (new)
Boots: Miel (new)
Earrings: Mandala, League
Bracelets: Mandala, KOSH
Belt: Nyte'n'Day
Skin and eyes: Unique Megastore
Poses: Juxtapose

chantkare tfg - indie rose gg
Romper from Chantkare @ The Fashion Garret; yellow top from Indie Rose, subscribo gift. Earrings from Nha! also @ The Fashion Garret.

~Other items~
Hair and shoes: Elikatira
Skirt, leggings and bags: Izumyia
Skin and eyes: Unique Megastore
Poses: Juxtapose

Unique Megastore Suzie
The skin from Unique I wore on this post is the beautiful Suzie, and it has 12 makeups options, 4 of them with open lips and also some with freckles. Each skin comes with the blue eyes shown...

unique megastore - body and options
... and 2 cleavage options, as well as brown brows on tattoo layers. Go try a demo, there are some really nice new releases besides Suzie.

~Other items~
Lingerie: BodyCult
Shoes: CandyDoll
Poses: Juxtapose

PS: As I was just kicked off SL and I need to go to bed, I'll update slurls tomorrow. Sorry! And good night! <3


Apr 23, 2011

# 383

blue sky - chic limited
Sakura trailler from Blue Sky, 450L for Chic Limited. 161 prims furnished (unlinked furniture). The stairs are hiddeable, texture change windows, lights turn on and off, multi sit animations, and a lot more. I <3 this trailer!! 

blue sky - chic limited 2
Inside the trailer. Poses and fans from Status, also for Chic Limited. The dress is from Riddle, Chic Limited as well and the necklace from Bellballs.

~Other items~
Hair: Milana (new)
Shoes: Picnic
Skin: Tuli (new)

chic limited 1
Fans and poses from Mannequin, and lipstick from Rozena. All at Chic Limited.

Chic Limited - Sugar Mill & Riddle
Cherry Blossom pose props from Sugar Mill, also @ Chic Limited. 2 branches with 1 pose each and 4 flower props with poses. Cute!

Slutcookie PT - Xplosion hunt gift - croire PT - tokiD gg
Top from Slutcookie (2 colors in different patterns) and leggings (5 colors) from Peqe, clutch from Croire (8 colors available, each pack comes with clutch and shoulder bag, silver, gunmetal or gold chains), 75L each pack, for Project Themeory. Necklaces from Concrete Flowers (for TSH) and TokiD (group gift in store). Espadrilles from Duh, 0L for TSH. White dress from Xplosion, Depraved Spring Madness hunt gift, 0L.

~Other items~
Hair: Milana, Analog Dog (currently having a sale with many reduced prices hair styles)
Shoes: SLink, Duh
Shorts: Mon Tissu
Skin: Tuli (new)
acid & mala group special - republic sale
Top and dress from Acid&Mala, 50L for both, only for group members. There are other colors of the cute top on sale for 60L for SBS. Shoes from Republic, 40L (closing sale, everything is 40L!!), and Absolution (60L each color for SBS). Actually Republic is closing, but the designer will keep making cool stuff together with Absolution. Shorts from Fishy Strawberry @ TDR (cool pack with 2 shorts and 2 tops for 69L). Bracelets are the TDR Special this week, 25L for 4 colors.

~Other items~
Skin: Tuli (new)
Hair: Lelutka (new)
Y&S - dutch touch - TrendStyle - duh - absolution
Dress and hair bow from Y&R, lucky board price. Lacey dress from TrendStyle, 1L hunt gift. The beautiful skin is from Dutch Touch, vip group gift. The group is closed right now, but check back to join and don't miss the future gifts! (250L to join) Shoes: same as above. Necklace and earrings from YS&YS @ TDR.

~Other items~
Hair: Elikatira (n/a), Analog Dog
Bag: TokiD (old Albero gacha)
Bandaid: Reek
dutch touch gg
The pack of skins from Dutch Touch comes with 2 lips types (top pics) and many options like cleavages, hair base, moles. The pink lipstick you buy separately.

~Other items~
hair: Analog Dog
Earrings: YS&YS
Eyes: Acid&Mala

juxtapose and hh group gifts
Basket and bunnys with poses from Juxtapose, group gift in store. This is so very cute! Look at those bunnys! X) Romper from House of Hucci, subscribo gift.

~Other items~
Hair: Milana
Skin: Tuli (new)
Shoes: Ricielli @ TDR

Happy Easter!
Don't eat too much chocolate! :D

Apr 22, 2011

# 382

Hi! If you haven't done the Seasons Hunt: Spring yet, I'm showing all you can find.
You can join the group in world if you get stuck at some point. Everyone is very helpful!

The Seasons Hunt
Hair: Clawtooth (for TSH)
Jacket: The Secret Store (for TSH)
Pants: This is a Fawn (for TSH)
Makeup: Pididdle (for TSH)
Dirt tattoo (gold tooth included! lol): Miss Shippe's Studio (for TSH)
Bouquet with pose: Olive Juice (for TSH)
Skin: Tuli (new)
Eyes: Unique Megastore
Shirt: Mon Tissu

For more pictures, go to my flickr. Have fun!

Apr 15, 2011

# 381

Hi! :D Today is the last day of the Pose Fair, but I still have so much to show that I'll keep showing! heheeh

Pose Fair 2011 - 23
Hair: Clawtooth
Skin and Shoes: Lelutka
Dress: Shine (@ TFG)
Bag: FABags

Hair and skin: Lelutka
Dress and belt: Mon Tissu
Earrings and bracelet: League
Pose Fair 2011 - 20
Left - Hair: Vive9; Skin: LAQ (new); Shoes and bag: Pelletteria Morrisey (@ Project Fur Japan); Top: Cool Beans; Shorts: Mon Tissu; Bracelets and necklace (modded): KOSH for 50 of a kind
Right - Hair: Lamb; Shoes: Anexx; Dress: Tres Blah (Tableau Festival); Bag: Milk Motion
Pose Fair 2011 - 26
I was so sad and surprised when I got the notice from Tiny Bird which said the store is closing :( If there's something you've been willing to buy you have till the end of April to get it. And on discounted prices!

Left - Dress and hair: Tiny Bird; Shoes: Gos; Bag: Modern Gipsy; Bracelet and earrings: KOSH (the bracetls are part of the 50 of a kind set, which I'm guessing it's over by now!); Skin: LAQ; Bandaids: Reek

Right - Dress w/ shir and hairt: Tiny Bird; Shoes: Reek; Socks: Label Mode; Bag: Atomic
Pose Fair 2011 - 27
Left - Dress and hair: Tiny Bird; Shoes: Hoorenbeek; Leggings: Kyoot.

Right - Hair and sweater: Tiny Bird; Pants: Kyoot (50L sale on all clothes); Bag: Veschi; Shoes: Hoorenbeek (new).
Pose Fair 2011 - 24
Left - Romper and hair: Tiny Bird; Boots: Tiny Bird; Earrings: Lucy in Disguise (free); Skin: Tres Blah

Right: Dress: Tiny Bird (FLF); Boots and hair: Tiny Bird; Socks: Pig; Bag: Chabins; Cigarrete: Gentleman Store; Earrings: Mandala; Head piece: DP Yumyum; Skin: Tres Blah.

Pose Fair 2011 - 25
Left - Hair and shirt: Tiny Bird; Skin: Tres Blah; Shoes: Reek (FLF); Pants: Gato; Lipstick: Glamorize

Right: Hair w/ accessorie and dress: Tiny Bird; Shoes: Maitreya; Skin: Tres Blah; Bag: Kookie; Bracelet and ring: KOSH.
Pose Fair 2011 - 22
Left - Harem pants, belt and top: Fleshtone (new); Bag: Fleshtone; Shoes: Anexx; Necklace and earrings: Lauria; Eyeshadows: La Malvada Mujer (TFG); Hair: Milana; Lipstick: Glamorize; Skin: Mynerva

Right - Harem pants, belt and top: Fleshtone (new); Bag and shoes: Fleshtone; Hair: Clawtooth; Necklace: League; Bracelet and ring: KOSH
Pose Fair 2011 - 21
Left - Dress: H.E.D. (new); Shoes: Mayden Couture (@ Beauty Code Designers Circle); Hair: D!va; Hair bow: TokiD (new); Bracelet and ring: KOSH

Right: Dress: MmK (TFG); Shoes: Mayden Couture (@ Beauty Code Designers Circle); Shutter: Bellies; Hair: D!va
Pose Fair 2011 - 17
Left - Dress: Iren (new); Skin: Iren; Boots: Surf Co (new); Leggings: Ohmai (free); Hair: W&Y; Bag: LpD

Right - Dress: Iren (new); Hair: W&Y; Necklace: Sigma (new); Shoes: LpD; Bracelets: Shade Throne (group gift).
Pose Fair 2011 - 19
Left - Skin: Lpd; Pants dna shirt: Aoharu (new); Shoes: Anexx; Hair: Elikatira; Earrgins: KOSH

Right - Top and shorts: Ange (new); Shoes and hair: (fd); Skin: LpD
Pose Fair 2011 - 18
Left - Hair: Simply Britney; Dress: Avrora (new); Skin: LpD (new); Shoes: Anexx; Necklace: Sigma (new)

Right - Outfit (skirt, socks, boots, top and ajcket): Butterfly Effectz (this set was to Monday Mania but unfortunately I wasnt able to blog in time); Hair with hat: Maitreya; Bracelet: Shade Throne; Skin: LpD

Apr 10, 2011

# 380

More Pose Fair 2011. If you haven't been there yet, you have less than a week, and then you can get the poses on the stores themselves.

Pose Fair 2011 - 16
New outfit from Blue Blood, as always it comes with many layers and many options to wear. The exclusive color for group members this time is black and the fatpack is 50% off! These poses are from a new to me store called Dawn. Cute ones!

~Other items~
Hair: Friday (50% off sale)
Skin: Curio @ Project Fur Japan (the fatpack is only 1,500L)
Boots with butterflies: Lazy Places
Pose Fair 2011 - 15
More new releases, cute dresses from Cupcakes. There are many colors to choose from. Poses from LAP. Shoes from Nardcotix.

~Other items~
Hair: Elikatira (new)
Skin: Curio @ Project Fur Japan (the fatpack is only 1,500L)

Earrings: Caroline's (75L the fatpack at Lou Lou Cafe Break)
Nails: RezIpsa Loc (Lazy Sunday item!)
Pose Fair 2011 - 14
Did you know Atomic now makes poses? I didn't! And they're really nice! The dress is April group gift from TrendStyle, and the bag is part of the new subscribo gift from Duh.

~other items~
Hair: Elikatira (new)
Shoes: Hoorenbeek (new and 200L only this week), Nardcotix
Skin: Curio @ Project Fur Japan (the fatpack is only 1,500L)

Top: Surf Co (new)
Short pants: Kiitos
Earrings: Caroline's

Pose Fair 2011 - 13
If you are on a budget and need some new poses for you pose stand, there are also many dollarbies at the fair. The pose from Belle Fille comes with the sign, and from Kamrek you get a HUD with 4 poses, for men and women.

~Other items~
Hair: Truth
Skin: Curio @ Project Fur Japan (the fatpack is only 1,500L)

Top: Ingenue (75L at Lou Lou Coffee Break)
Shorts w/ belt: TokiD (new)
Boots: Hoorenbeek
Skirt, shirt and scarf: Shiki
Socks: Maitreya

Pose Fair 2011 - 12
More 1L poses from Estetica and Gi Poses. The top on the left is from LpD, 75L for Project Themeory. On the right, sweater with shirt from Arnadi, coming soon to The Fashion Garret.

~Other items~
Hair: Simply Britnee (new)
Shoes: Coco (at TDR), Hoorenbeek
Skin: Curio @ Project Fur Japan (the fatpack is only 1,500L)

Skirt: Doppelganger
Necklace: Sigma (new)
Pants: Aoharu (new)

Pose Fair 2011 - 11
Everglow poses, 1L for the pack. Mini top from Ricielli, skirt and sunglasses from Fishy Strawberry, boots from Coco, and skin from Glam Affair, all @ TDR, which is turning 1 year old and each designer placed an item with the regular 40-70L price and one item for 40L. The skirt on the right is from Berries Inc, having a 50% sale.

~Other items~
Hair: Shag (Project Themeory!), Lamb
Shoes: Coco, BellBalls

Apr 5, 2011

# 379

Hi! Tonight I'm showing you some awesomeness you can find at Pose Fair. I hope I can show more on next posts.

Pose Fair 2011 - 4 - what next
Surf's Up pose set for girls, from What Next. It comes with 2 wearable boards and 2 rezzables with 5 poses each. On this picture, I'm showing the bords you wear.

~Other items~
Hair: Friday, Elikatira
Feet: Slink
Shirt: Surf Co.
Shorts: E! (1L at the secret sale!)
Bracelets and ankle bandana: Surf Co.
Location: Las Arenas Rosadas
Pose Fair 2011 - 10 - what next
There are the standing up style, comes with 5 poses and you can change the texture too!

~Other items~
Hair: Vive9
Skin: Al Vulo (@ TFG)
Shorts and bikini: Reek
Location: My home, where there's no sand but I created a flat prim and added a sand texture I found at Library lol

Pose Fair 2011 - 5 - what next
The flat boards, to rezz on the water. Also with 5 poses and texture change.

~Other items~
Hair: Elikatira, Friday
Skin: Tres Blah, Al Vulo
Bikinis: WoE, Reek
Sunglasses: Reek, Gos
Pose Fair 2011 - 6 - what next
Butterfly chair Photography Prop, also from What Next. It comes with 10 static poses and the seat is color changeable. The Dressing Room Photo Set is from La Petite Morte, also found at Pose Fair, and it's all texture change.

~Other items~
Hair: Lamb
Skin and lipstick: Tres Blah
Shoes: Surf Co.
Feet: Slink
Dress and arm cuff: TGIS (new!)

Pose Fair 2011 - 7 - what next
Some poses of the butterfly chair. And textures of the Dressing Room.

~Other items~
Hair: Lamb
Skin: Tres Blah
Top: LpD (new)
Panties: Nayar
Pose Fair 2011 - 8 - what next
So Boho Dressing Screen Pose Prop from What Next. Comes with 10 poses, 3 textures and styles for the screen itself and 7 textures for the scarf, as well as a 'no scarf ' option. The skin is the new group gift from Al Vulo (in store).

~Other items~
Hair: Vive9
Dress: Mu-shi Doll (70L at the Beauty Code Designer Circle)
Shoes: Anexx (new)

Pose Fair 2011 - 9 - what next
More poses! All adjustable to fit you avatar perfectly! :)

~Other items~
Hair: Vive9
Dress: Mu-shi Doll (70L at the Beauty Code Designer Circle)
Shoes: Anexx (new)

Pose Fair 2011 - 2
Poses from !Bang, part of the OverDramatica pack. The hair is from D!va, and it's a gift for the Diamond is Mine Hunt 2. There's a texture change bow which can be turned off, but I'll show it on another opportunity soon. The hunt ends at April 11. Hint hint: You'll sigh with RELIEF when you find this diamond!

~Other items~
Hair: D!va
Shoes: Anexx (new)
Bags: LpD
Dress: Zenith
Shirt and skirt: Aoharu (new)
Skin: Mynerva, CheerNo
Earrings (left): Beauty Code (90L for Beauty Code Designer Circle)
Necklace and earrings (right): Lauria
Pose Fair 2011 - 1
Poses and butterflies from La Petite More, part of the butterfly set. The hair is from D!va as well, but this one is to help the victims of Japan earthquake and tsunami. 100% of the proceedes will be donated. Each color comes with 2 bangs styles.

~Other items~
Skin: Vive9, Mynerva
Shoes and dresses: LpD (new)
Earrings: Lauria
Pose Fair 2011 - 3
Poses from Just a Pose, part of Simply Hippy set.

~Other items~
Hair: D!va
Shoes: Shiny Things (group gift), LpD
Tops: The Secret Store (new)
Pants: LpD (new)
Skin: Vive9
Clutch: Duh
Bag: LpD