Jul 28, 2010

# 303

glasnost freebies
Light Claven opened a new store called Glasnost, and there are freebies! Yay! Great ones, btw. You can have these 3 dresses for free.

~Other items~
Hair: 69, Clawtooth
Hat: Gos
Shoes: Addictia, Magnifico, Lelutka
Hair flower: LaGyo, Atelier AM
Skin: League
Bracelet: Zaara
Earrings: Zaara

glasnost 1
Dresses also from Glasnost, not free. Comes with an optional inner shirt. The thights are from Glasnost as well, 0L. Thanks Light! :D

~Other items~
Hair: Mirai, Posh
Shoes: Nardcotix, Treads
Bag: Lelutka, Chabbins
Necklace: Mandala
Bracelet: LaGyo

glasnost 2
Shirts from Glasnost, not free. The prims are color change what makes them very versatile. ;) 

~Other items~
Hair: Posh, CriCri, Fri.day
Shoes: Treads, N-Core (free), Surf Co (old gift)
Leggings: Glasnost (free), BP, DADA (from Desingers United 3)
Bag: Chabbins
Necklace: Mandala
Earrings: Mandala, Miel
Scarf: Aoharu, Izumyia (from Triad Town Gacha, pack 4)
Shorts: -tb- (free at Starlust Motel)
Skirt: Aoharu
Pants: Izumiya

glasnost freebies and hh gg
Skirt from Glasnost, 0L. Dress from House of Hucci, subscribo gift.

~Other items~
Hair: Fri.day
Shoes: J's, Stiletto Moody
Nails: Pixel Mode
Briefcase: Puddles (new!)
Shirt: Baiastice
Earrings and necklace: Mandala

triad town gacha 3
Outfit #4 from Triad Town gacha, 120L for a complete outfit with everything worn (except my shape, skin from League, eyes from YS&YS, on sale for 25L, and earrings from Miel). Clothes and accessories are from Izumiya, hair from Ay.Line and shoes from NEWISLE*INSL.

triad town gacha 1
Outfit #1 from Triad Town gacha, 120L. 

triad town gacha 2
Outfit #2 from Triad Town gacha, 120L. Everythings is transferable, so you can give away or trade if you got the same outfit twice. :D

Talking about gacha, I went to the Albero Gacha Festival yesterday and again there are some cool stuff. I'm going back tonight to get the items there weren't set yet, and will finish a post for the serie 2, since I missed blogging serie 1. :(

# 302

artilleri @ car wash garage sale
Top and glasses from Artilleri, bag from Caroline's, 10L each @ the Car Wash Garage sale.

Hair and shorts: Artilleri
Shoes: Maitreya
Socks: Naive
Skin: League
Cigarrete: Gentleman

ingenue and lb hair @ car wash garage sale
Also at the Car Wash sale I bought this skirts, swimsuit and flats from Ingenue, 10L each, and both hairs with hat from LB Hair, 10L for a color pack as well.

Skin: League
Bracelet: Icing
Feet: Addictia

n-core group gift
Shoes from N-Core, group gift in store. Glove socks from Hell Bop, 10L for a color pack @ Car Wash.

Skin: League
Hair: Eha
Dress: Concrete Flowers
Match: Hoorenbeek
Necklace: Mandala

dbt skybox and eChau furniture - kyoot gg
Whimsical Garden Skybox from Dbt, 10L @ Car Wash. The skybox has 2 floors, and is 55 prims, including the stairs. Table, shelf and chairs from eChau, 0L at Koibana Festival. The flower pots on the shelves are from Kyoot, part of the subscribo gift.

kyoot - artilleri - kosh
Drawer set from Kyoot Home, subscribo gift; flower pot from Artilleri, 10L at Car Wash; Pandemonium lamp from Kosh, not free. This is so cool, the bulbs, light, wood are all color change and you can also change the effects of light. Awesome! Thanks Lynaja!

nocc flower and eChau easel
Easel from eChau, 0L. Gerbera pot from nocc., group gift.

dbt skybox @ car wash garage sale
The second floor and the front of the skybox. Mailbox from Beetle Bones, Albero gacha Festival serie 1.

equilibrium - cest la vie - hs hair
Tops 1 and 2, 0L, the jeans #1 and #2 are group gifts in notices (200L to join), jeans #3 is at the Midnight Mania Board, and the belt is on the lucky board, all from Equilibrium. Top #3 from C'est La Vie, group gift. All 3 hairs are from Heart Softens, group gifts.
~Other items~
Skin: League
Shoes: 0N, Duboo (gacha)

equilibrium gifts
Brown jeans on Midnight mania, and the other one is on the lucky board at Equilibrium.

Hair: Dernir Cri (SOLF)
Shoes: Duboo
Socks and cardigan: Pig
Top: Milk Motion
Nekclace: Mandala

eChau fitting room
Free fitting room from eChau.

Jul 26, 2010

# 301

Update: Post updated. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. And thanks for your comprehension!! hehehe

sf design MM - stc - m2m
Camo pants and top from SF Design, 25L for Monday Mania; hair with hat from Posh, 0L at The Rumor (new main store); denim clogs from Sweeter than Candy, subscribo gift; bag from Tee*fy, part of the pack @ TDR Blue; high waist skirt with or without suspenders and top from M2M, group gift; hair from Kik, 30L.

Hair: Posh, Clawtooth, Kik
Shoes: Hoorenbeek, STC, Hoorenbeek
Belt: Maitreya (old group gift)
Bracelets: Kosh, Fabulous
Thights: Blowpop
Earrings and necklace: Mandala
Tank and shorts (middle): Gato
Skin: League (new!)

ribbon hunt and pookie flea market
Hair on 2nd and 3rd pics from Ribbon, 2L each, it's a mini hunt (6 boxes to find for 2L each). The flower flip flops are also from Ribbon, 7L gacha, and it also comes with a headband.

Hair: Hair OH, Ribbon
Shoes: Coco, Surf Co, Ribbon
Jeans, dress and bag: Ufo (Pookie Flea Market)
Shirts: Ohmai
Necklace: Glow @ TDR Blue
White shirt, necklace and boxers: Gato for Project Themeory
Vest: Fume (Pookie Flea Market)
Hair band: Duboo (Pookie Flea Market)

hate this - monday mania 12
Outfit from Hate This, 35L for Monday Mania. It comes with 3 colors for the tank and leggings, legwarmers and sweatband. Hair from Posh, free on the new main store at The Rumor. It's a HUGE pack for free!!

Shoes: Hoorenbeek
Earrings: Mandala, Glow @ TDR Blue
Inner top: Ohmai (free)

ribbon 1
Hairs from Ribbon mini hunt, 2L each. Hair flowers and flip flops from Ribbon gacha, 7L per color. The clothes at Ribbon at cute and cheap, I don't remember seeing anything above 50L. Worthy a checking out.

Jeans shirt: Aoharu
Yellow tank and red shirt: Fri.day
Skirts, shorts and lace vest: Ribbon
Olive cardigan: Pig
White cardigan: Coco
White balloon shirt: Ohmai (free)
Necklace: Glow (@TDR Blue)
Bangles: Fluffy
Skin: League (new!)

mimikri - veschi - kunglers - exile @ tdr blue
White outfit from Mimikri, turquoise tunic from Veschi, floral dress from Kunglers, skin from Dekade (1 and 2 pics), all @ TDR Blue. Hair on 1st pic from Exile, also @ TDR Blue. Hair on 3rd pic from Posh, 0L.

Bag: Milk Motion, Lelutka, Armidi
Shoes: Orange, SLink, Armidi
Earrings: Mandala, Fabulous
Jeans: Maitreya
Hair: Exile, Shag, Posh
Necklace: Glow (TDR blue), Fabulous

project themeory - a&m and happy finds
Dress from Acid & Mala, tee and strapless dresses from Happy Finds, as well as the anchor necklace and hair band, all from Project Themeory.

Hair: Hair OH (Pookie Flea Market), Posh (new!), Analog Dog
Shoes: Maitreya, Kookie (FLF)
Pants: Ufo (Pookie Flea Market)
Bracelets: Zaara
Bag: -tb-
Mouth jelly fish: Duboo (was a freebie at Designer United 1)
Skin: League (new!)

pookie flea market - baiastice @ tdr blue
Hair on 1st pic from Ploom, Project Themeory item. Dress from Baiastice, @ TDR Blue. Floral skirt from BeetleBones and neckscarf and bag from Duboo @ Pookie Flea Market.

Hair: Ploom, Lamb
Top: Maitreya, Fri.day, Aoharu
Shoes: Anexx (new!), Maitreya, Coco
Bag: Soho, Duboo
White skirt: Aoharu
Earrings: Mandala

dekade @ tdr blue - kik - musa
Skin from Dekade, 70L at TDR Blue. On the second pic I'm wearing a makeup from Musa, subscribo gift.  The hair is from Kik, 30L. Tunic from Veschi @ TDR Blue.
dead bunneh skins
Skins from Dead Bunneh, the lighter one is a group gift for the grand opening, and the darker one is on the Midnight Mania board. Thanks, Katsumi! :)

Top: Gato
Hair: Clawtooth
Earrings: Mandala
Eyes: Dead Bunneh

Jul 22, 2010

# 300 is Summer of Love Fair! Yay! :D

I went to the Summer of Love fair and there's many amazing designers presenting their products there. I've picked some items, as well as got some freebies! \o/ If you click the question marks spread around the fair, you'll get a notecard explaining about a menthal disease and a gift. There are also gifts exposed among the regular items. Enjoy the fair and make sure you read the notecards and wall messages. I've read them all, very informative! Congratulations to all designers and to Keira Seerose for the great event.
WARNING: Picture spam! hehe

sol fair 4 - aDiva gift
Dress with belt, bag, and earrings from aDiva, 0L. Hair from Dernier Cri and skin from Glam Affair, not free items @ SOLF.

~Other items~

Shoes: Addictia

sol fair 5 - aDiva and baiastice gifts
Dress from Baiastice, 0L, and necklace from Dahlinks, 0L; dress, ankle tattoo, necklace and earrings from aDiva, 0L; skin from Glam Affair, not free; hair and headband from LoQ, not free; all @ SOLF.

~Other items~
Shoes: Dark Eden, Addictia

sol fair 6 - tasty - league - ricielli - nyte n day
Romper with sash from Tasty, not free and hair from Ploon, also not free; dress from League, not free, hair from Dernier Cri and headband from LoQ, not free, and necklace from Fusion, 0L; dress from Ricielli, not free, hair from ploom, not free, belt from Nyte'n'Day, not free; skin from Glam Affair, not free; all @ SOLF.

~Other items~
Shoes: Coco (new!)
Necklace and earrings: Ultra Kitty

sol fair 7 - W&D dhalinks olivejuice and izzies gifts
Swimsuit from Izzie's, 0L, and hair from Dernier Cri, not free; dress from W&D, 0L; pose on 3rd pic from Olive Juice (pack with 2), 0L; necklace from Dahlinks, 0L, hair and headband from LoQ, not free. Skin from Glam Affair, not free. @SOLF

~Other items~
Shoes: SLink, Cherry
Hat and bag: Saikin (1L each at the main store secret room)

sol fair 8 - doll cherry and butt-err gifts
Tee from Butt-err, 0L; skin from Rockberry, not free; bangles from Cherry, 0L; ears from Mynerva, 0L; hair from Dernier Cri, not free. @ SOLF

~Other items~
Shoes: Aoharu
Shorts: Coco (group gift)

sol fair 9 - fab.pony aglaia and mynerva gifts - ticketme - mannequin
Love dress from Fab.Pony, 0L; ears from Mynerva, 0L; dress from TicketME, not free; necklace and earrings from Aglaia, 1L; bubbles with pose from Mannequin, 30L; hairs from Dernier Cri and LoQ, not free; skins from Rockberry and Glam Affair, not free. @ SOLF

~Other items~
Shoes: Aoharu

sol fair 10 - mynerva cherry and butt-err gifts - rockberry
Tees from Butt-err, 0L; bangles from Cherry, 0L; skin from Rockberry, not free; hair from Dernier Cri, not free; ears with plugs from Mynerva, 0L. @ SOLF

sol fair 11 - doll and mannequin and urbanity gifts - ploom rockberry glamaffair
Top from Berries Inc., not free; skirt from Urbanity, 0L; tee from Butt-err, 0L; bangles from Cherry, 0L, ears from Mynerva, 0L; bodysuit from Glam Affair, not free; skins from Rockberry and Glam Affair, not free; poses on pic 1 and 2 from [doll.], 0L; pose on pic 3 from Mannequin, 10L.  @ SOLF

~Other items~
Shoes: Aoharu, Addictia

sol fair 12 - alexohol gifts - glam affair deniercri
Bikinis and SOL baseball tee from Alexohol, 0L; hair from Dernier Cri and skin from Glam Affair, not free. @ SOLF

~Other items~
Shoes: Addictia, UBU
Shorts: Coco (group gift)

sol fair 13 - mynerva ispachi and virtual insanity gifts - dernier cri - rockberry
Tank from Ispachi, 0L; bag and glasses from Virtual Insanity, 0L; ears with plugs from Mynerva, 0L, skin from Rockberry and hair from Dernier Cri, not free. @ SOLF

sol fair 14 - manequin pose
Swing from Mannequin, 30L @ SOLF.

sol fair 17 - what next and justapose gifts
Summer prints from What Next, 0L, and pose from Just A Pose, 0L. @ SOLF

sol fair 15 - barcode and nsa gifts
Mirror from Barcode, 0L,  and poses from No String Attached (pack of 5), 0L.@ SOLF

sol fair 16 - barcode gift
Back of Barcode mirror. :D

sol fair 3 - glam affair pose
Pose and bra from Glam Affair, not free. @ SOLF

sol fair 2 - glam affair pose
Pose, ball, skin and swimsuit from Glam Affair, not free. @ SOLF

sol fair 1 - A&M gift
Bikini from Acid&Mala, 0L. @ SOLF

Jul 18, 2010

# 299

Hi! Today I have many pictures to post since I started making them on Monday, and couldn't blog during the week lol I'm showing some of FLF and Rockin' Friday items that are probably not available anymore. But since the pics are done, here they are. I've also made pics of what I got on the Albero Gacha festival, but I'll save those for later. Have a great Sunday and thanks for reading! :D

studio m - hc
Red dress from Studio M, subscribo gift; pants and top from Hyper Couture, subscribo gift as well.

~Other items~
Hair: Clawtooth (on sale!)
Shoes: Kookie
Necklace: AlaMood, Mandala
Earrings: AlaMood, Mandala
Bangles: Glow (@TDR BLue), Mandala
Bag: rbcg
Hair flower: Fuel
Skin: League
Poses: [doll.] for the Summer of Love Fair

seldom blue - pretzel
Swimsuit from Seldom Blue, 1L. Bag from Pretzel, Vain Inc. group gift.

~Other items~
Hair w/ glasses: TinyBird/Reek
Earrings: Alamood
Feet: Adictia
Skin: League

prim&pixel paradise
Tanks from Prim & Pixel Paradise, subscribo gifts.

~Other items~
Hair: Clawtooth
Shoes: Slink, Reek
Shorts and bikini: Reek
Pants: Uzuki
Bag: Stitch by Stitch
Hair flower: Artilleri
Bracelets: Fabulous
Poses: [doll.] for the Summer of Love Fair

g field som gift - tiny bird
Swimsuits from G Field, subscribo gifts.

~Other items~
Hair: Tiny Bird (on sale!)
Shoes: Aoharu, Gos
Sunglasses: Gos
Bag: Devol
Earrings: AlaMood
Cardigan: BeetleBones (new!)
Skirt: Aoharu (new!)

musgo - pookie
Shoes from BeetleBones, Pookie subscribo gift; top from Musgo, 30L only!

~Other items~
Hair: Clawtooth
Pants: Aoharu
Bangles: Zaara
Bag: Chabinns
Hair flower: Fuel

butterfly effectz mm11
Outfit and flat shoes from Butterfly Effectz, 50L only tomorrow for Monday Mania week #11! Necklace from ShadeThrone, group gift in store.

~Other items~
Hair: Tiny Bird (sale!)
Bag: Kookie (50L summer sale)
Finger tapes: Synistyle
Poses: Poser Alert! (Thanks Sydney!)

aoharu tdr - eha - paris metro - clawtooth
Dress from Aoharu, 50L at TDR; top from Eha, group gift in store; silver dress from Paris Metro, subscribo gift. Bag in the middle pic from Niniko, stone hunt, 0L, and glasses from December, group gift.

~Other items~
Hair: Analog Dog, Clawtooth
Shoes: Aoharu (new!), Gos (new!), Lelutka (you can't see lol)
Bag: Lelutka
Skirt: Nyte'n'day
Skin: League, Lelutka

sms - ricielli @ tdr
Skirt from So Many Styles @ TDR; pants and top from R.iccieli also @ TDR.

~Other items~
Hair: Analog Dog
Shoes: Lelutka, YS&YS
Bags: Lelutka
White top: Scribble (part of dress)
Bracelet: Shade Throne (group gift)
Hair flower: Clawtooth

glow and lg @ tdr - ducknipple tinybird reek
Brown boho dress from Glow @ TDR, the skirt part comes in 2 lenghts. Dress from Ducknipple, Rockin Friday item. Hair and white dress from Tiny Bird, and cute socks from Scribble, and glasses from Reek, all from past FLF.

~Other items~
Hair: Tiny Bird
Shoes: Aoharu, Hoorenbeek
Bag: Boom
Leggings: LG Concept @ TDR
Poses: BANG (Thanks, Trieste!)

mocha - teefy - milk motion tdr
Top from Mocha, group gift in notices; vest and scarf from Tee*fy, 1L and 0L; blazer from Milk Motion @ TDR.

~Other items~
Shoes: Gos, Kookie, Surf Co
Hair: Eha (new!), Clawtooth
Bag: Berries Inc (free!)
Pants: League
Skirt: Nyte'n'day, Aoharu (new)
Brown shirt: Niniko (part of outfit)
Earrings, nails and rings: Mandala

musgo - chabins gacha
Shoes from Chabinns, gacha prize. You pay 30L and get only one foot, call your friends so you can exchange colors :D Thanks, Suri, for that :D

~Other items~
Hair: Clawtooth
Outfit: Musgo, 30L
Bag: Izumyia
Bracelet and necklace: Zaara
Hair flower: Fuel

the loft and turnips FLF - be mm11
I love the Milk Stool from The Loft and grass from Turnips, that became parts of my home sweet home :D (FLF)

~Other items~
Hair: Tiny Bird
Outfit: Butterfly EffectZ