Jun 30, 2009

# 149

samsara mm
Purple dress with black leggings and pumps from Samsara, 0L (only until Saturday). Black dress and boots are gifts from the MM boards (on second floor).

cupcakes gg
High waist shorts and top from Cupcakes, group gift in notices (100L to join).

wot sale
I went shopping at Wot? and was lucky enough to get invited to pose for the ad! Yay! So there we are, Lili Revnik (owner of Wot?), the blonde me and Isadora Vayandar (another lucky one! hehe). We are all wearing Wot? hair (50L until Friday!). Thanks, Lili! :D

wot 3
Hair 008 from Wot?, 50L.

wot 2
Hair 010 from Wot?, 50L.

wot 4
Skin, 1L, and Virgen de Guadalupe tattoos, 5L, also from Wot?.

Other items (not free):
Pic 1- Hair from HCT (Hair Fair); purple socks from Maitreya; purple bangles from Eclectic!; black and white gold bangles from Fabulous.
Pic 2- Hair from Lamb (Hair Fair); my huge necklace from Milk Motion; bangles from E!; shoes from Periquita (old subscribo gift).
Pic 3- My tee and flat shoes from Wot?.
Pic 4- Baseball top from E!; nails from Love Soul.
Pic 5- Top and pants from E!; flats from Wot? (old subscribo gift but there's a fat pack on sale!)
Pic 6- Dress and pants from Eclectic!; sandals from Kalnins; flats from Wot.

# 148

sysys dns
Dress and scarf from Sysy's, DNS group gift. Boots from Biddle Boots, not free but they're 50% off.

sht happens sale
Teal pants, gray skirt and red jeans from Sh*t Happens, not free but also having a huge sale on everything!

km lb 1
Denim salopete from KM Store, lucky board prize. It comes with several options, and you can also buy the add-ons below (top type B and down top) for 0L. Red clogs from Sakka's Studio, 0L.

km lb 2

junwave and kiks lb
Brown hair from Junwave and blonde hair with flower from Kik, lucky board prizes.

Other items (not free items):
Pic 1- Hair from Junwave; bag from Creamshop; tights from Sheer.
Pic 2- Hair from Karma and Junwave; top 1 from MNK and denim jacket from En Svale; top 2 and 3 from Aoharu (new release!!); white clogs from Duh; sneakers from SoReal; white leggings and red socks from Maitreya.
Pic 3- Hair from TekuTeku and Kin; both tops from Anuenue; socks from Maitreya; sneakers from UBU.
Pic 4- Hair from 69 and Scribble; tops from Thimbles and SugarCube.
Pic 5- Top from Kookie.

All skins from Redgrave.

(I promised I'd try to post the stores when I had time hehe So there they are, my fabulous shopping trips.)

Jun 29, 2009

# 147

magitake ggs 1
Boyfriend jeans from Magi Take Shop: on the left, 10L; on the right, group gift in store. I've blogged Magi Take gifts many times, but if you haven't been there yet, the group gifts are on second floor. You get them by touching the sign with your group tag activated. There's a wall full of gifts.

KAGUYAHIME shop camping chair
Dress from Kaguyahime, 20 minutes camping chair.

calla gg
Lilly from Calla Hair, subscribo gift.

# 146

I had this pics done yesterday but my ISP went down, so here they are..

stc gg - cbc gg - fishy strawberry skin - a la mode
Boots from Sweeter Than Candy, subscribo gift. On the right: Hair with detachable flower from Clawtooth by Clawtooth, group gift. Shoes from Cherry and bag from RPC, both gifts from Starlust a La Mode.

encemble and e!
Dress from Encemble, lucky board price here. Denim pants from E!, GLBT hunt gift. Flats from T.Z at Starlust a La Mode.

fishy strawberry skins
Skins worn in this post are from Fishy Strawberry, subscribo gift. I love this skins, specially the lips are so cute! The top is from Exodi, that is having a 50% off sale, and all proceeds will go to Make a Wish Foundation. I blogged it before but I forgot to mention the donation... Sorry!

Jun 28, 2009

# 145

Starlust a La Mode is the sim that arrived to Starlust group. And, of course, there are lots of gifts for us to grab! I'm showing you some of the gifts from Starlust a La Mode, and other stuff also.

starlust a la mode 4
1- Dress: denim blue jean dress - SugarCube, 1L (Starlust a La Mode).
Hair: UncleWeb @ LE.LOOK, 30L.
2- Top and shorts: A.Y.Y., 1L (Starlust a La Mode)
Shoes: Pretties by JB (DNS gift)
Bracelet: Caroline's, 1L (Starlust a La Mode)
Ring: Elate (DNS group gift)
Hair: Bewitched Hair sale, 25L.
3- Dress and pearl bracelet: ICING, 1L at (Starlust a La Mode)
Flat shoes: Pretties by JB (DNS gift)
Hair: Bewitched Hair sale, 43L.
4- Top: SugarCube, 1L (Starlust a La Mode)
Head band: Split Tea, 1L (Starlust a La Mode)
Hair: UncleWeb @ LE.LOOK, 30L.
Capri pants: G*Field, subscribo gift.

starlust a la mode 3
1- Top: 12/4 (Starlust a La Mode)
Earrings: KCD, 1L (Starlust a La Mode)
Hair: Bewitched Hair sale, 43L.
2- Dress: Elate, 1L (Starlust a La Mode)
Boots: Pretties by JB (DNS gift)
Hair: Bewitched Hair sale, 25L.
3- Dress and hat: Petit Pont, 1L (Starlust a La Mode)
Rainbow necklace and earrings: KCD, 1L (Starlust a La Mode)
Hair: Bewitched Hair sale, 25L.

starlust a la mode 2
1- Top: Slutcookie&Co., 1L (Starlust a La Mode)
Shorts: Kenzie&Co, 1L a pack full of clothes (Starlust a La Mode)
Hair: @Waffles, 1L a fat pack (Starlust a La Mode)
2- Top: Cyanide, 1L (Starlust a La Mode)
Shorts: Kenzie&Co, 1L (Starlust a La Mode)
Hair: @Waffles, 1L (Starlust a La Mode)
3- Dress: Kenzie&Co, 1L (Starlust a La Mode)
Hair: Redlic, lucky board.
4- Bikini: Kenzie&Co, 1L (Starlust a La Mode).

starlust a la mode 1
All clothes from Kenzie&Co, 1L at Starlust a La Mode. Workers boots from Duh (see below).

duh worker boots
Workers boots from Duh: black = 25L; blue = 1L; red = lucky chair; pink camo = subscribo gift!
Thanks Renee!

bewitched hair sale
Hair from the sale at Bewitched Hair. The styles with red backgound are 75% or 50% off.

Jun 26, 2009

# 144

P-K and Exodi are both having 50% off sales.

pk 1
Carrot pants and trench coat rouge by P-K. Pants and military denim jacket also from P-K.

pk 2
Dress, striped top (can also be worn as a dress) and puffy shorts from P-K. The black dress and the trench coats can be found at Cupacake location here. Polo shirt and Military denim jacket here. The other items at Rue D'Antibes.

pk and exodi
Yellow tank top from Exodi, pink polo shirt from P-K.

# 143

mj - sugar mill - cls - cs fandango
Pop Star tee from Cheap Love Song, 0L for a limited time. Pose from Sugar Mill, RIP Michael Jackson, 0L (also the ones shown below). Gloves and hat from CS Fandango, tribute to Michael Jackson, subscribo gift. I read about CLS on Andel's blog, A.D.D. :)

cls dbs
Tops and pants from Cheap Love Song, 1L each.

lexx designs
Skins from Lexx Designs, not free but the store is having a 25% off sale on skins and 50% off on other items only this weekend! Thanks, Alexxandra!

Jun 25, 2009

# 142

ys & ys gg
Shoes from Your Skin & Your Shape Shop, group gift in notices. The shoes look awesome, I am the one with issues on taking full body shots wearing strapped heels. Happens to Aoharu gladiators and others... Any clue, girls? hehe

oyakin fbs
New gifts you can find at Oyakin. Green jacket and a box with 3 leggings (light pink, gray and light blue) with 2 types of cuffs.

g field sale
Shoes from G*Field, not free but they're having a 50% off sale on new releases and some orange items. Thought it was worth telling you. :)

figure 8 and heart and sole sgs
Beat it tee from Figure 8, subscribo gift (also a gift in I heart the Starlust group); red boots from Heart and Sole, subscribo gift as well.

Jun 24, 2009

# 141

modd g and sexy angel
Ryllie buttom blouse (grey) from Modd.G update group; preview sandals from Sn@tch, also a group gift (there's a fee to join both groups, well spent money imo) . On the right: Dress from Sexy Angel, 1L. Thanks Moddishh and Tarsis :))
Necklace and bangles from Chuculet, 1L.

atittudes 3
Lingeries and bikinis (below) from Attitudes, 0L.

atittudes 2

atittude 1

Jun 23, 2009

# 140

blue blood - freedom - red
New release from Blue Blood, lovely Freedom outfit, all hand drawn, with 2 types of skirts, boots, armwarmers, top and short pants! (not free) If you're a group member you can buy the black one below, which is exclusive to the group. Group members can also buy the fat pack with 50% off.

blue blood - freedom - group color
This is Freedom in black, exclusive for group members. Thanks, Ghanima! :))
Hair from PE, Hair Fair.

rezipsa tees 2
Jeoparty t-shirt, 1L at RezIpsa Loc., a new store in SL. The tees are based on Retro games shows, very colorful and very cool. Thanks Nubile for showing me :))

rezipsa tees 1
This one and the ones bellow are only 25L each. Hair from Maitreya, Hair Fair, not free.

rezipsa tees 3
Shop till you drop, the Newlywed Game, The Price is Right, Wheel of Fortune and Family Feud tees, 25L each.

crimson shadow lc
Cool coat, shorts and cross tattoo from Crimson Shadow, lucky chair prize.

spread the hope hunt
Peacock dress from Danny French, plaid shirt from Posh, both are prizes from Spread the Hope hunt, which is raising funds for Relay for Life. You have to touch the yellow roses around the participating stores. And.. well, read the blog here. :)

Jun 22, 2009

# 139 - Retrology hunt

Just a quick post to tell about the Father's Day Hunt at Retrology, since it ends soon, tonight at midnight. I'm blogging just a few of the gifts I found because I'm going back there to find the pose from LAP, sneakers from UBU (yeah!) and boots from Lya.

fahers day hunt at retrology 2
1- Outfit and glasses from FAB.PONY; 2- Dress from Pin Up Dolls; 3- Dress and shoes from PINK CADILLAC and hair from Pocket Mirror. 1 and 2 - Shoes from Periquita.

fahers day hunt at retrology 3
1- Dress from Punch Drunk; 2- Bikini from Kid Asia, hair from HOH, bangles from Flirt; 3- Lingerie from Blacklace. 1, 2 and 3 - Shoes from Periquita.

fahers day hunt at retrology 1
1- Dress from Ingenue; 2 and 3- Outfits from Thimbles (white shirt not included), bangles from Fresh Baked Goodies. Shoes from Periquita. Hair on 3 from House of Heart.

I almost forgot to blog about this hunt, cause it wasn't father's day here where I live hehe I hope everyone had a great day in family!

From Hair Fair: Pic 1: 1- Posh | 2- Diversity Hair.
Pic 2: 1- Lamb | 3- Posh.
Pic 3: 1- Truth | 2- Shag.

# 138

vignette - pinkice - sms - fuel
Green dress from PINKICE, 25L (everything is 25L until Wednesday!!), necklace and earrings from Magia, subscribo gift; hair from Maitreya at Hair Fair, not free. On the right: sheer top from So Many Styles, group gift in notices; hair from Vignette, boots from Sweet Faces, and hair flower from Fuel (the last 3 items are Hair Fair gifts).

naive and maries
Hair from Marie's, group gift in store. Pants and tops from Naive, subscribo gift celebrating 1,000 members. Hair accessorie from Fuel at Hair Fair, 1L. Converse sneakers from PINKICE, 1L.

psycho kat - love soul - ayy
On the left: skin, 1L, and outfit (not free) from Psycho Kat. On the right: Tattoos, 1L, and capris (not free) from Psycho Kat. Watermelon tray with pose from Love Soul, Copain group gift in store. Sneakers from A.Y.Y. lucky chair. Hair with band from Fadeless, at Hair Fair, not free.

psycho kat db skins
Dollarbie skins from Psycho Kat.

love soul and psycho kat
A close up of the watermelons from Love Soul.. Yummy! Cupcake dress from Psycho Kat, not free.

lexx designs and psycho kat dbs
Dollarbie skins from LexX Designs. Tattoes, from Psycho Kat, 1L. Hair Trashy, from Deviant Kitties at Hair Fair, not free but aweeesome!!