Feb 26, 2009

Blue Blood and Lemania Indigo

blue blood 7seas
Cutest lingeries you can get fishing at 7Seas from Blue Blood. The prices are random, there are 8 colors!! And the fishing pond is in front of the store.

lemania carmel latte
Carmel Latte Dress from Lemania Indigo, 1L for 24 hours only. Then it will be retired.

Feb 25, 2009

A quick one

Just a quick post while Gabi is stuck in world... Just so you don't lose the gift if you haven't gotten it yet. The skins are just amazing!!
Skins and hairs from Rita & Gala group, Curio's designers.

Top from SkinSane, 1L.

Short time off, tons of things to blog

Carnival is over.. Here I am, back to SL, the blog and RL! lol I have a lot to blog, probably many things already blogged all over, but doesn't matter. I'll try to check if everything is still available. Take a deep breath cause it's a huge post lol.

blue blood mardigras
Mardi Gras dresses (with shoes!!) from Blue Blood, lucky chair prizes.

haven designs lc
Silks from Haven Designs lucky chair, as devinely blogged by my dear Suri on Free*Style.

hot lc
School girl outfit from TOP, lucky chair. Socks and shoes not included.

stc gg and ume mode db
Dress from Sweeter than Candy, group gift (subscribe). Necklace from the new location of Ume Mode at Tokyo Pig Sight, 1L.

japan resort and magika and piratina
Fairy outfit (includes wings and hair with hat) and gold dress from Japan Resort lucky boards, there are many stores with many lucky boards all around. Boots from Skinzor lucky chair. Hair from Magika lucky chair.

sugar and pink outfitters
Gothic outfit with glasses and shoes from Sugar lucky chair. Blue turtleneck sweater from Pink Outfitters subscribe group.

vels gothic clothing
Clothes from Vel's Gothic Clothing, 1L each outfit. Boots on the right from Skinzor lucky chair (it's a fat pack!).

vels gothic clothing and skinthesis lc
Rainbow eyes from Vel's Gothic Clothing, they are 50% off until March 10th, only 25L! Mardi Gras skin from Skinthesis lucky chair (seems like there is another skin on lucky chair now.. very nice too).

If you are reading this post now, I crashed and trying to go back to SL to get the slurls hehe Yeah, it's happening again... my avie is stuck in world.

Feb 20, 2009

Journey Hunt

I already found some tresures at Journey, and since it's Carnival here in Brasil (yay!!) and I probably won't blog until Thursday, I'm showing you what I found so far:

journey hunt 2
Knit cropped vest and skin from Tuli, lingerie from Attitudes, necklace from Collision.

journey hunt 3
Tuli skin, dress from Fine Pixels, necklace from DelEmma... Err I didn't wait enough to the necklace to rezz... It looks a lot cuter than that gray texture hehe

journey hunt 1
This is the poster of the hunt and the participating shops.

Happy Carnival for those who have it! :P
Bom Carnaval, meninas!!!!

Feb 19, 2009

Quick update

cute fashion 2
Free outfits from Cute Fashion (socks not included).

cute fashion 1
Satin black dress and winter outfit also from Cute Fashion, they're free among the regular vendors. Hair on the right from Roge lucky board.

momo and fg kh
Outfit on the left (skirt top and legwarmers) from FG Underground, kiss 133 on Kissed hunt . The cigarrete is a gift when you land there. Pink dress from ~momo~, valentine group gift in notices. Awesome flat shoes from 50 flats, 0L.

Feb 18, 2009


abomb feb 18th
Betty Page outfit (not free), hunter hiking boots and Daryian stilletos from A-BOMB, not free. BUT the cow hiking boots are 25L until Sunday and the dark pink stilletos only 10L, also until Sunday! Yay!!

electrocute tees
Skirt and tees from ElectroCute, 0L.

creations by ana
Bikinis from Creations by Ana, left one is from lucky chair, the one on the right is a gift at the new subscribo group.

opium and a piece of candy
Purple pants and shirt from A Piece of Candy, subscribo gift. On the right, top from Opium Everyday lucky chair.

lemania db 1st
Outfit from Lemania Indigo, 1L. There's gonna be one dollarbie per day (old hunt items which after that will be retired for sake). I'm talking about 150 items! Don't forget to check Lemania's everyday. I'll try to show you the gifts, but you know it's impossible to blog ALL OF THEM!

chichichickie hairspray
Hair from Chichichikie subscribo group, welcome gift.

dirty lynx
Skins and eyes from Dirty Lynx lucky chair.

mia snow lolli clown
Lolli clown skin from Mia Snow, lucky chair prize.

Feb 17, 2009

Crush Row & Tuli

Chair and sidetable from Tuli update group, v-day gift in notices.
There are some stores with vday gifts at Crush Row, 1L or oL.

tuli and crush row 2
Top from League, Crush Row valentine gift.

tuli and crush row 3
Top from [Atomic], shoes from GBL and hair from Aoharu, all at Crush Row.

tuli and crush row 1
Pants and tank from Axel, sunglasses from GBL, Crush Row gifts.

salire ms
I went to visit the other location of Salire (main store at Pareja) and found out there's a different dollarbie there: the pink and white dress with 3 skirts options. While there I met the designer Salire and the red check dress is a gift she gave me (not free). There is a lucky board at the location I blogged yesterday with a gray version of the check dress! Thanks Salire!!
Ankle boots from Sentou Yousei lucky chair.

plus crush row
Fat belt, necklace and clutch from Plus, at Crush Row. Pants from Dutch Toutch, I got it from the 50% sale on gift cards, I'm not sure but I think it was only for yesterday.

Feb 16, 2009

Unstuck! :P

thimbles and thrashed
I love you so much I got arthritis top with bow and panties from Thimbles update group. Socks from Thrashed, 1L a pack with 3. Shoes from Kookie, 50L.

salire shop
Dresses from Salire: the knit gray dress is 1L and comes with 3 types of turtle neck, 2 types of skirts and a sleeveless option. The border brown dress is only 30L. Actually almost everything there is 30 or 20L. Worth a visit! Necklace from Scarlia Inc. subscribo (don't know if still available).

rara avis gifts
Pepto dismal outfit set 1 and 2 from Rara Avis, pants and shirt from subscribe group, skirt and corset instore. Sandals from Piedi Felici, new shoe store of Skin Within (subscribo gift). Necklace from Scarlia Inc. subscribo.

Where's Gabi?! :(

Right, my Gabi Fitzgerald is still stuck in-world.. :(

thalia 2
Dress from Thalia's Fashion, midnight mania gift; tatto also from Thalia's, 0L (there are many freebies there); shoes from Maitreya, subscribo welcome gift; skin from Romi Juliesse lucky board; monocle from Sanu lucky chair.

thalia 1
Dress and tatto from Thalia's Fashion, 0L.

likeA 4ever beauty avatar
Pants from LikeA lucky board; top from 4Eva Gutta midnight mania; hair from Beauty Avatar, 1L (it's on skin department).
Pictures taken at Unique Needs Studio.

Have a nice day! I hope Gabi is back tonight! :P

Feb 15, 2009

She's lucky :P

I was taking pics to blog some gifts I got, then I crashed... Ok, normal thing, huh? But it's been more than 3 hours and SL doesn't log me off. That sucks! If you talked to me and did not answer, now you know why. :) So I took some pics with my alt, and she's luckier than 'me' hehe

uncle wiggly and stc
Before crashing: Left: Outfit from Uncle Wiggly, get it when subscribing to the group; hair from Glitter, group gift in notices; satin flat shoes from Ding's, not free. Right: Tee and boots from Sweeter than Candy subscribo gift; hair from VintageWear subscribo (can be worn without the bow); heart chocolate from Inorite, valentine's subscribo gift.

alt kunglers dominion 2
Dress from Kunglers, group gift in notices; hair from Exile, group gift in store; sexy bronze boots from The Dominion Fashion District, 0L.

alt kunglers dominion
Same as above. My alt doesn't have a studio and I forgot to give her a lm to mine! lol

333 romi goldie locks
Hair from Goldie Locks, lucky chair; top from 333 Designs, I'm not sure but I think it was a previous MM gift.

rfyre lc romi skin lb exile hair gg
Outfit from RFyre lucky chair. Shoes are from Sn@tch, part of the noobie kit.

333 and sweet strawberry
Hair with hat from W&Y, group gift in notices. Dress from Sweet Strawberry, february group gift (subscribe) and boots from WISH lucky chair.

romi lb sanu lc
My alt is wearing Romi7 skin and shape, from the lucky board (group members only). Hair from Cherry Girl lucky board. Monocle from Sanu (where I took most of the pics), lucky chair prize. Thanks, Topaz ;)

Starlust Valentine Hunt

I finally finished the Starlust Hunt, and here are some of the gifts I got.

starlust hunt 1
1- Baby doll dress from So Many Styles, hair from Pudge, skin and earrings from Piddidle.
2- Dress from Thrashed, hair from BP, socks from Thimbles, skin Piddidle.
3- Dress from Katat0nic, skin from The Sea Hole, hair from BP, socks from Sock Hop.

starlust hunt 3
1- Outfit and socks from Thimbles, hair BP, skin and earrings from Piddidle.
2- Outfit from Ki2, hot dog from Smersh and SRU, hair BP, skin Piddile.
3- Hair from Inorite, skirt from MNK, shirt from SD Wears, heart from Acid & Mala's Creations.

starlust hunt 2
Hair from Pudge, skin from Pididdle, fun outfits from Pig's.

starlust hunt 4
1- Dress from Sisters, socks from Sock Hop, heart brooch from Split Tea, skin from The Sea Hole.
2- Hair from Crimson Clover, skin Pididdle, cardigan from Silent Sparrow, pose from Vposes.
starlust hunt 5
Valentine top from TwoSome, hair from Crimson Clover, brown shirt from Wot?, bracelets from U&RDogs. Pose on the right from VPoses.

The Starlust hunt ends tonight, so if you haven't been there yet I believe you still have a little time. The hunt is a lot of fun! Go here to get your hud. Enjoy!

dings flats
The flat shoes I'm wearing througout the post are Ding's. She's making shoes and selling them temporarily! These 3 I'm showing above are free. So hurry there before they vanish! ;) Dont forget to get the freebies from Vposes. 50 Flats & Vposes. Thanks, Ding!

Feb 13, 2009

Some gifts

bbbm and moddg
Dress from BBBM lucky chair. Red dress with jacket, stockings and shoes from Modd.G, grand opening gifts.

gl hunt 1
Dress from Blacklace Couture, GL hunt gift.

on the catwalk gl col and
Pink dress from On The Catwalk, GL hunt gift. Red lingerie from Euphoria, subscribo gift (not available anymore, you'll find it tonight at the update group though). Pink valentine lingerie from Churche of Luxe lucky chair. Red shoes from Wicked Soles, Newport Keys hunt.