Oct 24, 2020



Top and pants: Tres Blah (The Saturday Sale)
Shoes: Ingenue (Fifty Linden Friday)
Hair: Foxy (TSS)
Bag: DDL (Halloween gift)

Each pack of the shoes comes with 3 colors (50L each). The bag is 1L, but you get it back when you pay.

Sweater and pants: SPIRIT (Happy Weekend)
Shoes: KC Couture (TSS)
Hair: Foxy (TSS)
Choker: AVEC Toi
Necklace: Supernatural
Bag: TokiD (closed)

The crystals on the pants are color changeable and the shoes from KC come with a fatpack hud, all costumizable.
The skin I'm wearing in all pictures is from Deetalez, 75L only for TSS. It's an amazing deal! 2 tones available.

Hair: Kuni (Halloween hunt gift for group members)
Sweater dress: DEAD DOLL (FLF)
Bag: Zenith
Boots and socks: Friday
Nails: RatzCatz

The hair from KUNI comes with a HUD for the hat, and all colors of hair are spread around the main store. The dress comes in 6 colors for the main part and many colors for the lace parts. Skin from Deetalez.

Oct 22, 2020


 Hi! I just wanted to show a random look I put on today which I thought was very cute. So here it is. I hope you like it as much as I do. :)

Hair: KUNI (99L for the fatpack. I'm not sure it's a regular price or if it's on sale for the Halloween event and hunt that is going on there. There are some cute halloween hair for free hidden around the store inside pumpkins).
Jacket and tank: Tee*fy (only 75L for the set, I guess for some old saturday sale, but it's still there. The jacket is all customizable via HUD, you can change the color of the seams - the green part, the zipper and even the tank, which is used separately and works  fine inside some other jackets I tried).
Shorts: RAMA
Circlet: MICHAN (group gift)
Bag: DDL
Necktrap with earphone: Gabriel
Shoes and socks: Friday
Hoop earrings: erratic
Necklace: Cae
Lipstick: Mukado (it was a gift at the last edition of Sanarae)
Galaxy blush: Soybean (unfortunately I couldn't find a landmark to the store. If you know, please let me know in the comments)

Hair comes with a style HUD with many possibilities. <3

Oct 18, 2020


 Hello! :D

Here are some items for this weekend sales e gifts! I hope you find something you like! :)

Dress from Faida, 30L Saturday item (Maitreya only), boots from Eudora3D for Wanderlust (50L each single color, 199L for the fatpack, which I grabbed because I really love the shoes from Eudora3D), bag from [DDL] and hair from Analog Dog, 60L each for Happy Weekend. The necklace and earrings are gifts from [MINDS]and [KRR], for Sanarae anniversary (it seems like yesterday was the last day of Sanarae, but I went there today Saturday 10/17, and there are still many booths out).

Eudoras's Autumn boots can be worn with or without the legwarmers.

Top, pants and coat from SPIRIT, lipstick from VELOUR, 60L each  for Happy Weekend. Shoes from Cult and hair from Lamb for The Saturday Sale

~Other items~
Necklace: Loordes of London (I bought it on SOS event)

The hair from Lamb comes with a 4 styles HUD, and the lipstick from VELOUR has a HUD with 8 beautiful colors (these 3 are my favorites).

The shoes also come with a color and texture change HUD.
Shorts with fishent thights from Cynful (TSS), it comes with a HUD with 3 styles, low or high rise fishnets or no fishnet. You can also change the color of the pearls and wear the animated pearls version. Gray t-shirt from SPIRIT, also for The Saturday Sale. The purple hoodie is from VINYL for Happy Weekend (also includes a plain version and the trims and strings are color change via HUD). Hair with separate mask (the one on the left) from Analog Dog also for HW. The mask on the left is from amias and is a gacha item for TSS (50L). Lipstick from VELOUR, HW.  

~Other items~
1st look:
Shoes: Cult (same as above)
Bag: DDL
Necklace and earrings: Mandala (old items)
2nd look:
Shoes: Semller
Earrings: [KRR] (same as above, different color)
Bag: Paré
3rd look:
Shoes: REIGN
Necklace: Rozoregalia (old item)
Top: Leimotiv (part of Iselle outfit V2)
Book: Scribble (closed)
Barbed wire arm band: ChaosLotus (closed)
Gloves: Pacagaia
Garther: MICHAN
Belly chair: Pulse (part of Vibsy dress, which was a gift at SL17B)
The Cordelia Plats from REIGN are awesome, you can customize everything, including the phrases on the back.

Oct 11, 2020


 Hi again everyone! Here are some more cool things I wanted to show you. I hope you like them.

Hair: Sinitklia (Happy Weekend)
Sweater: Coco (Happy Weekend)
Shorts w/ leggings: 1313 Mockingbird Lane (The Saturday Sale)
Bag and jacket: DDL (Happy Weekend)
Sneakers: Uniwaii (Happy Weekend)
Lipstick and eye makeup: Izzies 
Necklace: LaGyo (old item)
Rings: MIDNA
Nails: RatzCatz
Earrings: B L A I S E . (free at Sanarae)

Oversized shirt and belt from DDL, the waist jacket above is included in the pack. I love this tie die version! <3
Hair: Sintiklia
Shirt, belt and bag: DDL (Happy Weekend)
Boots and socks: Friday (FLF)
Necklace and earrings: Cae (The Saturday Sale)
Pants: Maitreya (old item, classic pants layer)

Sweater and skirt: (fd) (The Saturday Sale)
Hair: Lamb
Boots and socks: Friday
Bag: DDL
Hair bow: Magika (1L for group members)

Hair: Wasabi
Outfit: AsteroidBox (FLF)
Shoes: Reign
Butcher knife and head wound: Lock&tuft (FLF)
Necklace: Supernatural
Earrings: B L A I S E . (free at Sanarae)

I couln't let the post finish without some Halloween goodies... :) These boots from Reign are amazing, and they're all customizable and have 3 types of heels. 



Oct 10, 2020


Hi! I hope you're all having a great weekend! :)


I bought this Which Whitch pose set from Fashiowl for Happy Weekend and it's really cool. Included in the pack are 12 poses, crate and traveler bag props, the tram with poses and a posing stand.

Hair: RAMA SALON (The Saturday Sale)
Dress: Petite Mort (Wanderlust)
Hat: Blume
Shoes: REIGN
Earrings: B L A I S E . (free gift at SaNaRae, 5th anniversary and last round)
Necklace: Supernatural
Eyeshadows: TOP1SALON
Lipstick: Avada

Oct 4, 2020


Hi! A few more looks before the weekend ends! :D
Top and pants from SPIRIT, they are The Saturday Sale items but maybe they're still available when I posted this. I love those pants so much I bought the fatpack! It's a great deal, and the belt is also color changeable.

Hair: Wasabi (FLF)
Bag: DDL (Happy Weekend)
Shoes: Friday
Necklace and earrings: MG
Lipstick: VELOUR
Nails: RatzCatz
Rings: MIDNA
Bracelets: KUNI (Happy Weekend)
Lashes: POUT! (for So Kawaii Sundays)

MG jewelry are color change via menu, and VELOUR lipstick, Wasabi hair and POUT lashes all come with HUD.

As usual, the bag from DDL includes many options, poses, positions, strap or strapless and more. Those shoes from Friday include socks.
Dress and cardigan from (fd), also for The Saturday Sale, but still available today (Sunday). You can change the color of the collar and the belt, and the skirt can be floral or plain.

Hair: Doe
Shoes: REIGN
Bag: DDL
Glasses: Aurealis (Happy Weekend)
Bracelets: KUNI (Happy Weekend)
Lip tint: Izzie's
Earrings: erratic

The glasses from Aurealis for Happy Weekend come as a fatpack (color change HUD for all parts).

Bag from DDL (brown) and shoes from REIGN (solids pack).

Outfit (top, pants and bag, all together as one piece) from Belle Epoque for The Saturday Sale, still available at Sunday night. Hair from KUNI, 60L for Happy Weekend.

B&W bag, coffee and poses: Empowered (Go Work pose pack)
Earrings: erratic
Necklace: Aurealis
Lipstick: VELOUR (for SoKawaii Sundays)
Nails: RatzCatz

Venus Shoes boots come with fatpack hud. <3

The hair comes with color change accessories.


Oct 3, 2020


I can't resist! :D One more Halloween outfit. 

Hair: MINA (FLF)
Dress: Justice (FLF, Halloween pack, 5 colors)
Shoes: Phedora (FLF)
Garter and heart: MICHAN (Happy Weekend and The Saturday Sale)
Knife: part of Samia Endor Knife Halloween Mirror Bonus  Bento Pose ##58 (Happy Weekend)
Bloody knee: Suicidal Unborn (old item)
Mouth blood: Lelutka (part of evolution head)
Face scars and injuries: cheLLe (old items)
Heart shaped wound: Izzie's (halloween gift, free)
Nais: RatzCatz
Eyeshadow: KOSH (closed)
Lipstick: VELOUR
Rings: MIDNA
The metal parts of the garter from Michan are color changeable via HUD.

Hair with shawl from MINA (comes with HUDs to change color of hair and shawl). The heart shaped face wound is from Izzie's (0L). The hair on the right is also from MINA, it was last weekend sale, but probably still at the store in regular price. I love both hairs!

Poses pack from Samia, Happy weekend sale.



Oct 1, 2020


 Hello again!

I was trying on some clothes for today's post when I realized it's October already! :O So I decided to add some halloweeny elements to my outfit.

Top and skirt: Entice
Hair: Doe
Mask: Dark Love (free)
Owls with poses: Empowered
Witch planner and potion: Tentacio
Nails: RatzCatz
Rings: MIDNA
Thights: Sheer (closed store)
Shoes: CoD (so kawaii Sunday)
Hair accessory: DP YumYum (part of Ghost hair, past FLF sale item)

The shoes and socks from CoD are color change and can be worn as separates.
My cute bunny backpack is from Coco, and it's free for group members.

Pictures were taken at Halloweentown.