May 31, 2009

Back again hehe

anuenue gg and ivalde db
Skirt and top from Anuenue, group gift instore; dress from Ivalde, 1L.

cupcakes ggs
Dresses from Cupcakes, group gifts in notices (100L to join, usually it's 250L so hurry up before it goes back to regular price).

magi take ggs
Purple skirt and blonde hair with cap from Magi Take Shop, group gift instore (2nd floor).

cks - chuculet - rbz
1- Dress from CKS Designs, subscribo gift; hair from Truth, 1L a fat pack; shoes from Chuculet, 6L for 6 colors.
2- Hair from Waffles, 1L a fatpack; shrug from RBZ Design, 1L; glasses from Kumaki, 1L.

mimikri - moonshine - sms
1- Hair from Inorite, subscribo gift; bikini and pareo from Mimikri, group gift in notices.
2- Top and pants from Moonshine, 1L, re-opening gift.
3- Necklace from SMS, group gift in notices.

reek - project kiwi - truth - hoc
Tees from Reek, #1 is lucky board gift, #2 and 3 are subscribo gifts and #4 and 5 are 5L. The shorts are from Project Kiwi, 1L each last week, I don't know if they're still 1L.

dominion fashion district
Furniture, baby doll and shoes from Vinyl Cafe, group gift.

tuli hope skins gg
Hope skins from Tuli, group gift in notices.

cupcakes seduction skins gg
Seduction skins from Cupcakes, group gift in notices.

dutch touch skin sg
Skin from Dutch Touch, subscribo gift (not sure if it's still available).

May 25, 2009

I'm back!

Hi everyone! I'm back from my trip, everything was wonderful, I'm tired and I missed you! hehe I'm showing you on this post some group gifts that are still available and other freebies I got from the designers. I'm sorry if they have already been blogged but I'm not going to read older posts of other blogs to check lol I still need time to get used to RL and SL. lol
Anyways I hope you are all fine and having fun. Xoxo

wetherbys fbs
Dresses from Wetherby's, 0L for both of them (only this week!). The matching shoes you can buy for only 20L! Thanks Alejandra! :)

vinyl cafe and dominion tees
Tees from Vinyl Cafe. There are 6 free tees for you to get, 3 at Vinyl Cafe and 3 at The Dominion Fashion District.

sms group gifts 1
Awesome dresses from So Many Styles, opening gift (in group notices). The pack comes with the tops and skirts shown below and more!

sms group gifts 2

oyakin tanks gg
Tanks from Oyakin, group gift in notices.

lunas boutique ggs
Black gown and flame suit with fishnet from Lunas Boutique, group gifts.

bijou gg and e! fb
Pride tank from E!, 1L until saturday 30th. There is also a unisex version available. Amour lingerie in white from Bijou, group gift.

Thanks to all designers who sent me gifts for the Blogger Apreciation Week. Unfortunately I wasn't here to get them, but I'm still finding them on my inventory by suden. heheh Tyvm!!

May 10, 2009

I'm going... but I'll be back! :P

I'm going on vacation, so I'll be away from blogging and sl'ing for a while, about 15 days. Wish you all a lot of fun, miss me a little, and keep checking SLGD cause I'll be back soon! lol :)

+LR opening gift
China dress from +LR, opening gift, 0L. This store has some cute clothes and they're very afordable. The brown pants I'm wearing on the picture below is only 25L! Also I'm so in love with those new sandals from Kookie, not free but that's a money very well spent!!

w&b sg
Sgt. Pepper cropped jackets from Whippet & Buck, subscribo joining gift.

lemania and b&T
White dress from Lemania Indigo, and flower dress from B&T, both are subscribo group gifts for Mother's Day. Bangles from Ticky Tacky, 0L. Hair on the left from KS2cool (former KS Creations). The hair is only 10L, but the ash burnt is only 1L.

See you soon!! Xoxo

May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

tiny bird mother's day 2

tiny bird mother's day
Autumn, owner of Tiny Bird, have marked down 6 hairs for Mother's Day. They're 1L and you'll find them among the regular vendors.

prim pixel and emas
Dress from PrimPlay, subscribe group gift. Pink outfit (top, shrug, skirt and tie) from Ema's, May gift 0L. Pink sandals from Heart & Sole, april subscribo gift.

magi take and bukka
Cap with hair, shirt and tie from Magi Take, group gift in store. Thanks Jaxie for the remind! :) Boots from Bukka lucky chair.

kosh dbs
Dress and shirt from Kosh, 1L each.

concrete flowers dbs
Strawberry Dress and Ice Creamed Man set from Concrete Flowers, 1L each. Pink hair from Sixty Nine, all rainbow packs are 1L.

hd lc
Tops from Humby Designs lucky chair. Thanks, Sammy! :)

May 8, 2009

Have a nice weekend!

beach shop paradise flaties
Cute princess flaties from Perfect Wirefly Beach Shop Paradise, 0L. They're color change!

gfield - pixel dolls - sms
Shoes from G*Field, subscribo gift. I don't know for how long they'll be available. High waisted shorts and top from So Many Styles, RFL clothes. It comes with 2 colors of each, 250L for a good cause :) Lace collar and gloves from PixelDolls subscribo gift.

griffins cupcake
Last but not least, the cute cupcake from Griffin's. They make a sweet gift, they are scripted with messages. I love them! Thanks, Leaf! :D

May 7, 2009

Gifts! Don't you love gifts?

intrigue co lc and opening gift
There's a new store in town! Yay! The name is Intrigue Co. and as the lucky chair has 5 different prizes in it. All hoodies and tees you see on this picture and on the pic below are from lucky chair. Except the black one above, that's a grand opening gift, 0L.

intrigue co lc
Intrigue Co. Go stalk the lucky chair, and if you aren't lucky enough, the hoodies cost only 50L, and tees for 25L. Thanks a lot, Katharine! Good luck on in-world business! xoxo

emery gifts 1
Hoodie (for men, but looks so nice on girls too..) and dresses (with socks) from Emery, 0L.

dpd mm
Complete outfit (includes socks and shoes) from Doux Petit Dahl, midnight mania prize.

w&y lb and coco gg
Brown hair with flowers from W&Y lucky board. Flower top and scarf from *Coco*, group gift.

May 6, 2009

And one not so quick

Waka & Yuki is having a 50% off sale, to celebrate the renewal. The shop looks awesome, the hair are separated by style and it's a lot easier to find what you need (err want). I'm showing pictures wearing some old styles I have. I think I have almost all of them. I noticed some of them are not for sale anymore though :( At least not at the main store. And their system is different now, you'll see when wearing the demos. Anyways, it's very worth a visit. I, as a hair addicted, bought 4 styles so far... hehe

w&y hair 1

w&y hair 2

w&y hair 3
Waka & Yuki hair styles. They're 50L each, with color change script for 4 colors. The sales goes till May 12th.

cube sugar gifts
Top and short pants from SugarCube, 1L each. Very nice dress also from SugarCube, group gift.

honey honey and cest la vie
Pineapple top from HoneyHoney, group gift in store. Cardigan from C'est La Vie, also group gift in store. The inner tank is the subscribo gift from Twosome I already blogged. Socks from S@bbia, 0L.

a piece of candy may 6th gift
Dress from A Piece of Candy, subscribo gift. It comes with 3 types of skirts. Shoes from Duh, not free, but only 25L! I think it goes nicely with the dress. :P

with flo lc and s@abbia
School girl outfit from With Fllo lucky chair. (Thanks Ana!!) Outfit (skirt and tops) from S@bbia, group gift. Socks also from there, 0L.

That's all for now, girls. :P
SL is messing with me tonight and I won't be able to blog the slurls. This time, I mean THIS time, it's not because I'm lazy and a half assed blogger. Good night. xoxo.

May 5, 2009

A quick one

pididdle and avantmelon
Cameo cardigan from Pididdle, subscribo gift. Purple short pants from Avantmelon, 0L. Hair on the right from Vignette Hair, 0L a fat pack.

drown - sole sisters - booperfunk
Skirt, green crop top and white blouse from Drown, 0L or 1L. The top comes in a pack of many colors. Sneakers from BooPerFunk, 0L here. White shoes with prim toes from Sole Sisters, 1L.

av vlodovic gg - black wedding gown
Black wedding gown from AV Vlodovic, subscribo gift.

May 4, 2009

Cool stuff

elimiah designs gg
Dresses from Elemiah Designs, the gold one is a group gift in store for the 2nd anniversary, the other one is 0L! Thanks Fennella for telling me! :)

lemania sweet sassy stuff
Sweet Sassy Stuff from Lemania Indigo, 1L for today. Includes top, bra (not shown), skirt, thights and shoes!

hoorenbeek at fabulous fashion tv and belle belle
The little neko prince doll from Belle Belle, lucky board prize. Obrigada, Alice, pelo tp!! Fabulous Samoa sneakers from Hoorenbeek, gift at the Faboulous Fahion TV. Webiste here. The sneakers will be available only for 3 days.

pepermint blue newbie assistance pack 2
Outfit from Peppermint Blue Fashion Bar, 0L. All 3 outfits (this one and the other two shown bellow come with skins, shape, eyes and more).

pepermint blue newbie assistance pack 1
Other outfits from PeppermintBlue. The one with pants you can get at FS City and the one with skirt at Don't Ask. They include shoes, accessories, clothes and etc.

tuli kalista base skins
Kalista base skins from Tuli, 0L. Well, I don't know if everyone knows about those free skins, but I didn't and I was excited! lol Ty Kyra!