Mar 22, 2009

.:MALT:. & Spork

I have to admit, when I first read the notecard for the Malt opening sim hunt I thought I couldn't spend that money on things I don't see.. But then I got the subscribo gift.. What happened next is that I had to buy all the items from the hunt... I just couldn't find #10 :( (If anyone find it, please let me know!!)
The gifts are awesome, the sim is cool and cozy. That was a very well spent money :)

malt gg
Outfit from Malt subscribo group. Includes 2 types of skirt, leggings, belt, necktie and top.

malt opening gift
Dress and necklace, opening gift, 0L.

malt hunt 5
Jumper (gift #4), denim pants (#3) and suede tote (#1).

malt hunt 2
I love that landscape so much that I wanted to take a picture there. We can't go there though, so I made this weird edition lol You have to see how the waves move to the rocks, it's cool!
Top (#8) and denim pants (#3).

malt hunt 6
And this is #10, an awesome dress! Yay! Thanks a lot to Layla Barom who told me where it is!

malt hunt 7
Silver leggings (#2).

malt hunt 4
Babydoll dress (#7)

malt hunt 3
Outfit (#6)

malt hunt 1
Outfit (#5); top, bracelet, necktie and denim pants (#3); jacket (#9).

spork opening gift
And there are also the Spork gifts, which are also cool. This purple set is the opening gift, 0L. Comes with 3 skirts.

spork hunt
Spork gift #1. That's all I got, need to go back and find the other 3.

cupcakes lc
Outfit from Cupcakes lucky chair. The cute shape I'm wearing on all pics (except the one I'm wearing the purple dress) on this post is a group gift from BASZ Store. I love it!! Thanks Barbarella! Obrigada!


Anonymous said...

#10 is rather deviously hidden inside the big rock by the beach area ^^

Gabi Fitzgerald said...

Ty Alana :)