Feb 7, 2021


 Hi!! I've been away the last couple weeks, but I wanted to show you some gifts I got at the Valentine's Shop and Hop (landmarks here). And also some other random stuff. :)

Parka and shirt from APHORISM, heart from Hanzel, both free at Valentine's Shop and Hop. Hair from Kuni for So Kawaii Sunday, sneakers from Semller, group gift in store, glasses from Graphit Design, free for Energy group members.
Love tattoo from HORL, 50L for Energy weekend price.

~Other items~
Errings, nose piercing and nails: Ysoral
Lipstick: Delicatta
Septum ring: Quirky
Skirt: TETRA
Socks: Mug

Dress from On a Lark, body chain from Secrets and socks from Eudora3D, all free gifts at Valentine's Shop and Hop. Hair from Kuni for So Kawaii Sunday.
~Other items~
Errings, nose piercing and nails: Ysoral
Lipstick: Delicatta
Septum ring: Quirky

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