May 3, 2021


 Hello!! I couldn't come online on the weekend, so I'm posting some things I still bought on sale prices today (Monday).

Sweater from VASPERS for The Saturday Sale. The cat is included and comes in 2 versions, with or without sound, so cute! Hair from Bonbon for Fifty Linden Friday and glasses from Balaclava, free demo.
The hands are part of the sweater and a HUD for the skin tone is included.

~Other items~
Nose piercing and earrings: Ysoral
Septum ring: Quirky
Face freckles: Avarosa
Sneakers: Semller
Top from Vive Nine, bag from Majesty, shoes from DDL and bracelets (on right wrist) from Kunst, all for Happy Weekend. Hair from KUNI, still available for SKS price. Glasses from Balaclava, free demo.

The bag can also be worn on waist, and also has a version without the hanging chain.
~Other items~
Nails, earrings, rings on left hand and nose piercing: Ysoral
Bracelets on left wrist: Ysoral and Alantori
Septum ring: Quirky
Face freckles: Avarosa
Sneakers: Semller
Pants: SPIRIT (available at Uber)

And that's it! :)
Have a great week, y'all! <3

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