Oct 3, 2022

#609 - old stuff 1

 Hi!! I've been trying to organize my inventory as I still have things from my early days back in 2006. And I decided to post some old clothes and accessories from designers that are still out there creating and being amazing! Sometimes, with no particular order, I'll just do this for fun, it's my only intention! I think it's amazing how people still have creativity to keep doing it! (Probably you won't be able to find those items for sale nowadays.) :D I hope you enjoy!

1. The first item is this cute Flower Tulle Ballon dress from C'est La vie. I have always loved C'est La vie! <3

Cest La Vie now and then same dress

Wearing the dress today. (Hair is Doux, earrings are PKC and necklace, Orsini).

love soul - duh - posh - a&m - cest la vie

In 2010.

2. The second picture is a mix of products of various stores and I don't have old blog pictures with all of them.

Coco - Emery - Tres Blah - Kosh - old stuff

This was taken today: pants (2013) and shoes (2011) from Coco; top from Emery (2009); hair from Lamb (2010); bag from Tres Blah (2009) and necklace from Kosh (2010). The necklace can still be found here.

izumyia new main store gifts

And this is back in 2009, same top from Emery. :D


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