Feb 8, 2009

Betrayed Heart, Kissed Hunt & more

betrayed heart hunt 1
Outfits from FTW, scarves from Gipsy Soul and hair from Bryce Designs, all from Betrayed Heart Hunt.

betrayed heart hunt 2
Complete outfit from Dilly Dolls, at Betrayed Heart Hunt. It's awesome!! You have to find 10 boxes. Hair from Bryce Designs also from the hunt.

kissed hunt 1
Mimikri and Chikka Design dresses from Kissed Hunt.

kissed hunt tokeo
Corsets, shrugs and panties from Tokeo.Plastic, collar and bangles from Sn@tch, kissed hunt gifts.

tokeo kh
The cutest way to open a box, from Leafy, together with Tokeo.Plastic kissed hunt prize.

Earrings and necklace from Musgo, 1L. Ty Maria!

Belt and purse from Blanket, 1L a pack (comes with other bag and belt). Thanks, Emma!
Skins worn thoughout the post: Rockberry kissed hunt and Cupcakes group gift.