Feb 12, 2009

Gifts @ Kmadd

Very good quality gifts at MADesigns. Most of them are for men, but as I usually say 'who cares?!' :P
I know I've blogged KMadd gifts before, but many of them are new to me, so maybe they're new to you too :)

kmadd 4
Green checked shirt from Endeavor; black top and pants from Beck and Carter; pink top from Renegade (there are many other shirts in the box); green boots from a.C Store.

kmadd 1
Tops, pants and socks from Valiant.

kmadd 2
Same as above, including the briefcase.

kmadd 3
Rock glam dress and black hoddie from Emery.

kmadd 5
Pants, shoes, scarf and gloves from SF Designs; teeny bikini from Pashion Design; green jacket and pants from Meriken.

Glasses from Artilleri, subscribo gift, as blogged before.