Feb 5, 2009

Many gifts!

ashs trash and jm mai
5 become 1 Spice Girls dress from Ash's Trash, 1L. Rainbow skirt from JM:Mai, hunt prize, 1L. Find 2 mushrooms in the garden.. I only found 1 :(
Thanks, Ana, for telling about both gifts :P
Black shirt from Edge Grafica, 0L.

roseo lb
Black dress from Roseo lucky board.

yomeshoujo and bonbom
Outfit from YomeShoujo, group gift in notices; black hair from LalaMoon lucky board also. Pink checked outfit from Bombon, 1L.

pink outfitters kiss hunt and lemania db
Sheer pink tank and panties from Pink Outfitters, kissed hunt prize. There is also a 50L sale on all outfits there! I got so many gorgeous stuff! Modern Art outfit with scarf and shoes from Lemania Indigo, 1L (till Saturday!).

About Grid Wide Kissed hunt: The hunt starts tomorrow (Friday) and lasts 2 weeks. Get your starter pack on Vain Inc. group (Rockberry group also sent it out).


Anonymous said...

Hi! Where did you get the first two hairs you posted on the first picture ? TY ^^

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

Bijou and Mirai :)
Yw :P