Feb 11, 2009

Girly things

lemania cupids hat hunt
I've forgotten to tell you about the Cupid's Hat Hunt at Lemania Indigo. There's a hat to look for each day for 5 days, today's the 3rd day and the gift is the Milky Chocolate dress with shoes on the right side of the pic. There other 2 were #1 and #2 gifts (not available for the hunt anymore). Go get #3 before it becomes #4!

arai and sd wears mm
Jacket from Arai group gift and red dress from SD Wears Midnight Mania.

cupcakes hunt 1
Top (on the left) and dresses from Cupcakes hunt. There are 12 gifts spread around the store, 0L each. Blonde hair from W&Y, 0L (there is also a style for guys) and the bubble gum hair is from Lamb, group gift in notices.

cupcakes hunt
Lingerie from Cupcakes hunt.
cupcakes hunt 2
Lovespell skins from the Cupcakes Hunt. The necklace I'm wearing on many pics is from Ume Mode, group gift in store.