Feb 15, 2009

She's lucky :P

I was taking pics to blog some gifts I got, then I crashed... Ok, normal thing, huh? But it's been more than 3 hours and SL doesn't log me off. That sucks! If you talked to me and did not answer, now you know why. :) So I took some pics with my alt, and she's luckier than 'me' hehe

uncle wiggly and stc
Before crashing: Left: Outfit from Uncle Wiggly, get it when subscribing to the group; hair from Glitter, group gift in notices; satin flat shoes from Ding's, not free. Right: Tee and boots from Sweeter than Candy subscribo gift; hair from VintageWear subscribo (can be worn without the bow); heart chocolate from Inorite, valentine's subscribo gift.

alt kunglers dominion 2
Dress from Kunglers, group gift in notices; hair from Exile, group gift in store; sexy bronze boots from The Dominion Fashion District, 0L.

alt kunglers dominion
Same as above. My alt doesn't have a studio and I forgot to give her a lm to mine! lol

333 romi goldie locks
Hair from Goldie Locks, lucky chair; top from 333 Designs, I'm not sure but I think it was a previous MM gift.

rfyre lc romi skin lb exile hair gg
Outfit from RFyre lucky chair. Shoes are from Sn@tch, part of the noobie kit.

333 and sweet strawberry
Hair with hat from W&Y, group gift in notices. Dress from Sweet Strawberry, february group gift (subscribe) and boots from WISH lucky chair.

romi lb sanu lc
My alt is wearing Romi7 skin and shape, from the lucky board (group members only). Hair from Cherry Girl lucky board. Monocle from Sanu (where I took most of the pics), lucky chair prize. Thanks, Topaz ;)