Feb 15, 2009

Starlust Valentine Hunt

I finally finished the Starlust Hunt, and here are some of the gifts I got.

starlust hunt 1
1- Baby doll dress from So Many Styles, hair from Pudge, skin and earrings from Piddidle.
2- Dress from Thrashed, hair from BP, socks from Thimbles, skin Piddidle.
3- Dress from Katat0nic, skin from The Sea Hole, hair from BP, socks from Sock Hop.

starlust hunt 3
1- Outfit and socks from Thimbles, hair BP, skin and earrings from Piddidle.
2- Outfit from Ki2, hot dog from Smersh and SRU, hair BP, skin Piddile.
3- Hair from Inorite, skirt from MNK, shirt from SD Wears, heart from Acid & Mala's Creations.

starlust hunt 2
Hair from Pudge, skin from Pididdle, fun outfits from Pig's.

starlust hunt 4
1- Dress from Sisters, socks from Sock Hop, heart brooch from Split Tea, skin from The Sea Hole.
2- Hair from Crimson Clover, skin Pididdle, cardigan from Silent Sparrow, pose from Vposes.
starlust hunt 5
Valentine top from TwoSome, hair from Crimson Clover, brown shirt from Wot?, bracelets from U&RDogs. Pose on the right from VPoses.

The Starlust hunt ends tonight, so if you haven't been there yet I believe you still have a little time. The hunt is a lot of fun! Go here to get your hud. Enjoy!

dings flats
The flat shoes I'm wearing througout the post are Ding's. She's making shoes and selling them temporarily! These 3 I'm showing above are free. So hurry there before they vanish! ;) Dont forget to get the freebies from Vposes. 50 Flats & Vposes. Thanks, Ding!