Feb 9, 2009

Midnight Mania. Group gifts. Hunt.

euphoria mm
Party Dress with shoes from Euphoria, midnight mania gift.

kat gl and dilly dolls mm
Red dress from KatKreation, GL hunt gift; shoes from Dilly Dolls, midnight mania gift (color and texture change).

kinky style
Pink latex (top, panties, gloves and stocking) from Kinky Style, 1L. Thanks, Melody :) Pink boots from Oucast, there's a 25L sale there and I got a fat pack of those boots for only 75L. Yay!Ty Gentle for telling me!

michami and coco
Pink sheer top from Michami, subscribe gift available only till Feb 15th; belt and purse from *Coco*, group gift in notices or in store.

NOTE: The Midnight Mania gifts can change, or even be removed, so if you don't find those maybe there will be other ones. :)