Feb 13, 2009

Some gifts

bbbm and moddg
Dress from BBBM lucky chair. Red dress with jacket, stockings and shoes from Modd.G, grand opening gifts.

gl hunt 1
Dress from Blacklace Couture, GL hunt gift.

on the catwalk gl col and
Pink dress from On The Catwalk, GL hunt gift. Red lingerie from Euphoria, subscribo gift (not available anymore, you'll find it tonight at the update group though). Pink valentine lingerie from Churche of Luxe lucky chair. Red shoes from Wicked Soles, Newport Keys hunt.


okrebecca said...

i love that red lingerie from euphoria but i joined the in world group and it's not the gift, and there doesn't appear to be a subscribo in store?

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

Hey rebecca :) I talked to Trix, and she said it was really a subscribo gift, but her subscribe is filled up. She's sending the lingerie to the update group tonight though :)