Feb 17, 2009

Crush Row & Tuli

Chair and sidetable from Tuli update group, v-day gift in notices.
There are some stores with vday gifts at Crush Row, 1L or oL.

tuli and crush row 2
Top from League, Crush Row valentine gift.

tuli and crush row 3
Top from [Atomic], shoes from GBL and hair from Aoharu, all at Crush Row.

tuli and crush row 1
Pants and tank from Axel, sunglasses from GBL, Crush Row gifts.

salire ms
I went to visit the other location of Salire (main store at Pareja) and found out there's a different dollarbie there: the pink and white dress with 3 skirts options. While there I met the designer Salire and the red check dress is a gift she gave me (not free). There is a lucky board at the location I blogged yesterday with a gray version of the check dress! Thanks Salire!!
Ankle boots from Sentou Yousei lucky chair.

plus crush row
Fat belt, necklace and clutch from Plus, at Crush Row. Pants from Dutch Toutch, I got it from the 50% sale on gift cards, I'm not sure but I think it was only for yesterday.