Feb 8, 2009

OMG, so many things!

serenity go prizes
Toasty sets valentine's edition from Serenity Style (black and white sets, with jacket, gloves, shoes with legwarmers and scarf, all prim including the jacket! They fit me perfectly! Yay) from the lucky chair and the huggable bears are camping prizes. Everything for the Grand Opening Week of Serenity Style. Hair from Filigreemotion, valentine edition, the pink one is 1L and the other colors are only 10L.

atittuede gg
Hair from Junwave, Copain group gif (200L fee to join); broken arm pose, sling and plaster, group gift from Attituede (in notices).

vcandy euphoria blacklace kh junwave gift
From Kissed hunt: Kiss me shirt and pose from *V* Poses; top, shoes, necklace, belt and pants from Euphoria (the top comes in other colors, and the belt and necklace are texture change); pink silk pajamas from Alphamale&Blacklace, black (actually it's colorchange!) snickers from TriPaw, hair from The Stringer Mausoleum; cute shoulder panda from Pink Fuel.

love chic angelos woe and mre
More kissed hunt: Pajamas from Love Chic (also comes in gray version); baggy pants and blue top from Angelo's; blonde hair from Audacity Hair, top and black denim pants from WoE, necklace from Kookie.

francination kh
Big heart box with pose, balloons from Francination, kissed hunt.

amplify kh
Huggable heart and prim hearts from Amplify, kissed heart hunt.

axel glh and lemania gg
Short dresses from Axel, Greatest Love hunt gift; Still in Love dress from Lemania Indigo, 1L (for group members).