Feb 5, 2009

The first post: Valentine's day at Albero

Ok for my first post I've chosen Albero! Valentine's Day is by the corner and you'll find freebies and cheapies all around the sims. I'm bloggin some of the stuff I found, some are for valentine's (green table in front of the stores), some are regular freebies. Take a look around, this place is cute, I love it!

albero vday 5
Pink tutu from *MIU*, 14L; scarf from Split Tea; white shirt worn throught the post from Ash Style, 1L; Cookie bear (left side) from Sway's, 0L.
On the right: Valentine's hair from W&Y, 0L; earrings from Bliensen + MaiTai DarkBloom, 0L; bangles from Mary's LL; shoes from R2, 10L.

albero vday 4
Tube top and poses (one of which is the phone pose with pink cell phone!!) from Attituede, 1L each; dress from ICING, 0L or 1L.

albero vday 3
Bag with pose from Gigi Couture, 0L; shopping pose from Attituede, 1L. Hair with pink hat from Hair Salon Betty, 1L; Valentine's suicide leather pants from Punch Drunk, 1L; Necklace and earrings from Bliensen + MaiTai DarkBloom, 0L.

albero vday 2
Bucket hat from Apollon, 1L; kiss the frog pose from Attituede. This pose is so cool!

albero vday
Poses from Snooky poses, 1L pack with 3. There are also some couple poses for 1L!


Anonymous said...

can u provide us the SL links to all the shops u mentioned in yr blog so that we can go and visit them to get the gifts?

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

Hey there anon, the shops are all in Albero. All together.. :)

Anonymous said...

I must be blind but I don't see the "Cookie bear (left side) from Sway's, 0L."

Gabi Fitzgerald said...

It's a freebie inside Sway's...