Jun 16, 2009


Ok, I'm not good for post titles, but lately I'm getting worse so I'm gonna just number my posts for a while hehe Or not.. :P

rien tattoos lb and sb
Tattos from I 'heart' Rien, the Power Doll is a lucky board prize and the ribbon pasties are from the subscribo. Sexy, huh?

storin - michami - vinyl cafe
Black tee from Storin, subscribo gift; teal bikini from Michami, 0L, limited color for a limited time; the wrap sandals are gifts from Vinyl Cafe group for members, the gold one worn here you can get at The Dominion District and the red ones above at Vinyl Cafe properly.

cyan project kaosome
Outfit from Kaosome - Project Cyan, 0L. Flat shoes from Chuculet, sweet pack, 6L for 6 pairs. The bangles and earrings are also from Chuculet, 1L. Hair from AyLine, opening gift, 0L. Other great hair store opening! Yay! Thanks, Djuna!

duh clogs
I'm in love with these new clogs from Duh. The navy ones are from the Storybook hunt; the berry ones are 1L, and the other colors are 20L each. Or you can get a fatpack for 50L!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Gabi! I'm so glad you like them!

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

Yvw Renee! :) Thanks for your generosity, always!