Jun 22, 2009

# 139 - Retrology hunt

Just a quick post to tell about the Father's Day Hunt at Retrology, since it ends soon, tonight at midnight. I'm blogging just a few of the gifts I found because I'm going back there to find the pose from LAP, sneakers from UBU (yeah!) and boots from Lya.

fahers day hunt at retrology 2
1- Outfit and glasses from FAB.PONY; 2- Dress from Pin Up Dolls; 3- Dress and shoes from PINK CADILLAC and hair from Pocket Mirror. 1 and 2 - Shoes from Periquita.

fahers day hunt at retrology 3
1- Dress from Punch Drunk; 2- Bikini from Kid Asia, hair from HOH, bangles from Flirt; 3- Lingerie from Blacklace. 1, 2 and 3 - Shoes from Periquita.

fahers day hunt at retrology 1
1- Dress from Ingenue; 2 and 3- Outfits from Thimbles (white shirt not included), bangles from Fresh Baked Goodies. Shoes from Periquita. Hair on 3 from House of Heart.

I almost forgot to blog about this hunt, cause it wasn't father's day here where I live hehe I hope everyone had a great day in family!

From Hair Fair: Pic 1: 1- Posh | 2- Diversity Hair.
Pic 2: 1- Lamb | 3- Posh.
Pic 3: 1- Truth | 2- Shag.