Jun 14, 2009

Bijou, Cyanide and Drowsy

bijou fb
New freebie from Bijou, Oberon dress in 3 colors, and each one comes with a seethrough version.

cyanide hunt - clothes
Tops and pants from Cyanide hunt. There are 12 boxes to find, 1L each.

cyanide hunt - skins
Skins and tattoo from the Cyanide hunt.

cyanide hunt - tattoo
Tattoos from also from Cyanide hunt.

drowsy sim
I took these pictures at Drowsy, the new home of BP*, Kurotsubaki, Zero Number and Cloudy. The sim is amazing, you must take a look around there. And you can get some awesome tees for free here, and cute pajamas here. :)

drowsy sim 2

drowsy sim 3