Jun 22, 2009

# 137 - Hair Fair Gifts

So I spent all the time I could be logged in at Hair Fair this weekend. And spent also A LOT of lindens! lol But I found many gifts as well, so for now I'm pic spamming you with the gifts I got, and later I'll show you some of my favourites at Hair Fair 2009.

hair fair gifts 1
W&Y; Honey Hair; Honey Hair; Desing by Katey; The stringer Mausoleum.

hair fair gifts 2
Simply Britnee; Rock Candy; Diversity Hair; Curious Kitties; Dernier Cri.

hair fair gifts 3
Glitter Hair; Raspberry Aristrocat with cupcake from Lazy Places; B Spot; Discord Designs; Discord Designs.

hair fair gifts 4
Dark Mouse; Bryce Designs; Deadkitties; Analog Dog; Audacity.

hair fair gifts 5
Hair Solutions; Mela's; Maitreya; Magika; House of Hearts.

hair fair gifts 6
Onigiri; DeadKitties; Sirena; PE; PE.

hair fair gifts 7
HCT; HCT; HCT; Hype; Fadeless.

HF 2009 gifts 2
Outfits from Posh @ Hair Fair.

HF 2009 gifts
Blue and orange pants from SLink; sneakers from Truth; leggings and cupcake top from Dernier Cri; red outfit with shoes from Twisted and Spoiled. The 2 tops on the left are also gifts at Hair Fair.

HF 2009 gifts 3
Outfit from Sari's; dress from MIU; capris from Snipz.

tea lane HF gift
Outfits from Tea Lane. Heels sneakers from PINKICE, 1L (not at Hair Fair).

How about trying to deprim a little before going to Hair Fair? I know all the lag sucks and it's probably due to heavy traffic, but you can help a little wearing a low prim outfit. I went bald, shoeless, and no AO. Didn't look any cute I know... But if it helps, let's just give it a try. Have fun!


Casia Serpente said...

What an AWESOME post! You make everything look SO great! Nicely done :) Thanks for the great info!

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

Aww tyvm, Casia :) The designs help, believe me hehe
And yvw! :))

Isadora said...

I agree! Excellent post. Thank you so much.

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

Ty Isadora :))