Jun 9, 2009

So many things!

I've been so busy IRL, studying, working, and all that stuff and it's been hard to come to SL and blog all the amazing things I get... I hope I can come back to regular basis soon! lol

frop gg and fb
Shorts, yellow tee and bracelet from Frop, group gift. Pink jacket and pink tank with inner tee also from Frog, 0L. Hair from Lemon Pop, subscribo gift.

gld and sms
Top and pants from GL Designs, group gift. Blue lacey skirt from So Many Styles, group gift; retie brown for girls, subscribo gift from MIEL.

house of london gg
Tees from House of London, subscribo gift. Hair from Posh, subscribo gift.

iren fb
Tops from Iren, 0L.

luxurious world camping chair
Trikini w/ or w/out skirt (comes with 2 types of skirt) from Luxurious World, 30 minutes camping chair. Thanks Vanda :)

vain inc gracies girls
Yellow Dress from Gracies, group gift at Vain Inc. The other dress is from MALT, 20L at Creve Coeur. Look for the balloons, there are many gifts around.

wtw camping chair
Lingerie from WTW, 50 min camping chair here.

wtw fb
Bikini, 1L, from WTW.

wtw fb 2
On the left, bikini from WTW, 1L; on the right lingerie from WTW (here, other location), 1L (comes also with a camisole version).