Jun 11, 2009

Mixed stuff

kiitos fb
Both pants from Kiitos, 1L each. There's an optional pocket, it's so cute!

mnk and niniko - creators pavillion sale
Top with scarf, 30L; Checked top and dress, 60L for an infinity of options to wear, all from MNK, rollup jeans red from Niniko, 80L, everything at Creators Pavillion Summer Sale.

momo gg
Dresses from ~momo~ (2 colors and 2 skirts options), group gift in notices. Necklace on the left from Underground, 1L. On the right pic, necklace and earrings from Chuculet, 1L.

sabbia gg
Outfit and dress from S@bbia, group gifts in store.

seldom blue lc
Latex outfit and dress from Seldom Blue, lucky chair prizes. Hairs from Novocaine, the one on the right is 1L a fat pack and all the other styles are only 50L. The sale is going on at the Truth Island.

tiko and strayer
Tops from Strayer lucky chair, leggings from Ti'ko, 1L. Hair accessories from Silvery K, 0L.

wetherbys 67 and 68
Dresses from Wetherby's, on the right is today's freebie; on the left is tomorrow's. Necklace from Kotolier, 0L. Anklet from cez, lucky board prize here.

wtw lb
Bikini and shorts from WTW lucky board.