Jun 13, 2009

Saturday night stuff

je republic lc and house of london gg
Amazing dress from JE*Republic lucky chair. Top from House of London, subscribo gift.

coco gg june
Denim salopettes from Coco, group gift in store. The red necklace is from Mischievous Cat, 0L.

ibizarre dbs
Relax hoodie and pants from Ibizarre, 1L each.

kuri style 2L dresses and mischievous cat lb
Dresses from Kuri Style, 2L each. Blue clock necklace from Mischievous Cat, lucky board gift. The clock really works!

mischievous cat dbs
Necklace and bangles from Mischievous Cat, 1L each.

yomeshoujo gift
Dress with 2 types of skirts and leggings from YomeShoujo, 0L.

mauloa fbs

mauloa fbs 2
Hairs and clothes on the last 2 pics are from Mauloa Mall, 1L or 0L each. Except the denim shorts (which are from League, not free).