Jun 26, 2009

# 144

P-K and Exodi are both having 50% off sales.

pk 1
Carrot pants and trench coat rouge by P-K. Pants and military denim jacket also from P-K.

pk 2
Dress, striped top (can also be worn as a dress) and puffy shorts from P-K. The black dress and the trench coats can be found at Cupacake location here. Polo shirt and Military denim jacket here. The other items at Rue D'Antibes.

pk and exodi
Yellow tank top from Exodi, pink polo shirt from P-K.


Fashion Trend Founders said...

Hi Gabi. I have a Link in our blog to Second Blog so let me know if you want me to replace it for this one. Also would love you blogging about the wonderful gifts the members of my group;Fashion Trend, receive very frequently. All are from designers and as you probaly already know in our group we only approve high quality designers so I think is great that SL community knows that we are a group in which our members are highly rewarded. Thanks. Madonna Saenz.

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

Hi Madonna! Tyvm, I think it would be great if you change your link, please. Free Second doens't work anymore. And I'll join the group so I can blog about the gifts. Thank you!!

Madonna Saenz said...

Great; i will leave this site and delete the link to the old one. I hope you enjoy our gifts. They are received with the first posting of a new designer and then every 8 posting each send anothe gift out. :)