Jun 25, 2009

# 142

ys & ys gg
Shoes from Your Skin & Your Shape Shop, group gift in notices. The shoes look awesome, I am the one with issues on taking full body shots wearing strapped heels. Happens to Aoharu gladiators and others... Any clue, girls? hehe

oyakin fbs
New gifts you can find at Oyakin. Green jacket and a box with 3 leggings (light pink, gray and light blue) with 2 types of cuffs.

g field sale
Shoes from G*Field, not free but they're having a 50% off sale on new releases and some orange items. Thought it was worth telling you. :)

figure 8 and heart and sole sgs
Beat it tee from Figure 8, subscribo gift (also a gift in I heart the Starlust group); red boots from Heart and Sole, subscribo gift as well.


Anonymous said...


Where is the black dress from please, the one with the red boots in post #142? Cause I love it.....


p.s.love the site xx

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

Hi Anom hehe That dress is from So Many Styles, I bought it on Xtreet, the fatpack with 3 colors is only 150L :)

Gabby McCullough said...

I have the same problem with taking pics of strappy shoes. If I have my whole avatar in the pic...small prims, like straps, won't rezz. Drives me batty!

karen said...

hi i would like to ask about the outfit on 142 , the top with headphones and pink pants. where is that from pls? thanks :)

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

Hi Karen, the top is from Niniko and the pink shorts are part of an outfit from Aoharu. :)

karen said...

thanks so much Gabi ..got them :))

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

Yvw :)