Jun 15, 2009

Potassium, Nushru and English Element

english element
Awesome sweater dress from English Element, lucky board prize. The shirt with tie is also from the same store, but it's the MHOH hunt gift. Bangles from Chuculet, 1L.

potassium 1
Tops and pants from Potassium, the tank in the middle pic is 1L (at the attic) and the others are not free, but very affordable! Necklaces on left and right sides and bangles are from Chuculet, 1L each. The necklace in the middle is from Duh, 25L for a pack of 5 styles (one of them is 1L for a limited time, and if you subscribo to the group you get another one for free!). Thanks, Rennee :)

potassium 2
Tops and pants again from Potassium, not free. Thanks a lot, Banana Vella :) There are some fun shirts, prices starting at 20L. Thanks Banana! Necklace from Chuculet, 1L.

nashru gifts 1
Scarves and bag from Nushru, opening gifts (find the strawberries). Hair from TekuTeku, 1L.

nashru gifts 2
Lavender dress with shoes from Nushru at the Designers support month, 10L. Snow white outfit also from there, it's a gift for the Bedtime Treasure Book hunt, 0L. Don't forget to search the other gifts, there are 12 gifts around the store.


Anonymous said...

You look great as always Gabi but where is the white skirt from? Thank you ;)

Anonymous said...

heads-up - it's nushru, not nashru

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

The white skirt is from B@r Rose, and ty, I knew something was weird.. hehe i'll fix it.