Dec 13, 2020


 Hi, ppl!! It's been a week of awesome gifts and great bargains! Lelutka is giving the new Lilly head for free and a Christmas gifts, as you all know (lol), and it's been so crazy that they created 3 new sims to try to make everyone happy. That's really generous. I got mine and I am wearing it on this post. You need to join the group and get the notecard with the locations. There is also a head for the guys!

Dress with cardigan from Valentina.E, 75L for The Saturday Sale, boots from Eudora3D, 50L for Wanderlust and bag from DDL, 60L for Happy Weekend. The Hello Kitty cup if from Zenith, and it's a Christmas group gift as well as the amazing skin from The Skinnery.

The Scarllet skin from The Skinnery is really beautiful and it's perfect for Lilly head from Lelutka (here is shown in sorbet tone). The gift from Zenith comes in 2 colors. The lipstick here is from Delicatta, 60L for Happy Weekend (market place store).

~Other items~
Hair and hat: Foxy
Necklaces: Kibitz
Thights: Luxuria
Septum ring: MARKED
Rings: MIDNA

Left picture: 
On me: Bodysuit and shirt from N-Uno, 60L each for Happy Weekend (belt is part of the jumper), boots from Eudora3D for Wanderlust, hair from Doe, fiftly linden friday sale. The skin is The skinnery group gift and head is Lelutka's Lilly.
On her: Pants from Envy Her and shoes from REIGN, both for The Saturday sale, top from LYBRA, group gift in store, hair from Doe for TSS, choker from AVEC TOI, group gift. The skin is from E. Beauty, only 60L for Happy Weekend. The head is also Lilly from Lelutka, and the body is the free eBODY Curvy.
Right picture: 
On me: Blazer from SPIRIT and bag from DDL, both for Happy Weekend, necklace from Supernatural, also for HW (comes with belt), and skin from The Skinnery, group gift.
On her: Dress from LYBRA, hair from Navy+Cooper, necklaces from Supernatural, all group gifts. Bag from DDL and skin from E. Beauty, both for Happy Weekend.
Skins from e.Beauty and The Skinnery. I'm wearing lipstick from Delicatta.

These are some lovely skins! The Skinnery and Eudora Beauty. I'm wearing eyeshadows from Top1Salom for HW.
Boots from Eudora3D and shoes from REIGN.

And the one who helped me on these pictures is Nana. You'll see her here sometimes! :))

Dress from The Secret Store, 50L for FLF. There are 2 colors for50L and the other colors are only 75L untill Dec 14th. Shoes from STOIC for TSS. Both the dress and the shoes come with a HUD for customization. 
Skin from The Skinnery, group gift and lipstick from VELOUR for So Kawaii Sundays. I'm so in love with those lips!!
Shoes from STOIC for TSS and bag from Zenith,group gift in store.

~Ohter items~
Hair: Lamb
Arm warmers: Friday
Earrings: erratic
Septum ring: MARKED
Rings: MIDNA

Sweater dress from Zoom for TSS, skin from The Skinner, group gift, and lipstick from VELOUR for So Kawaii Sundays.
The sweater dress from Zoom comes with a HUD with 8 different textures! Lipsticks from VELOUR for SKS, I'm showing packs 1 and 4, 65L each pack with 6 shades.

~Other items~
Hair: Monso
Pants: Oyakin (closed)
Septum ring: MARKED
Rings: MIDNA
Boots w/ socks: Nanika
Bag: Auxiliary (closed, Grixdale now, but this is an old item)
Earrings: erratic

Dress from (fd) for TSS, shoes from Mosquito's Way, group gift in store, choker from Supernatural, 50L for Wanderlust, eyeshadows (Happy Weekend) and lipstick (SKS) from VELOUR, bag from DDL, 60L for Happy Weekend.

The choker from Supernatural comes with a fatpack HUD. The eyeshadows from VELOUR also come with an 8 color HUD.

~Other items~
Hair: DP Yumyum
Septum ring: MARKED
Rings: MIDNA
Bracelets: MIDNA


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