Dec 20, 2020


 Hi! Here are some things I grabbed this weekend.. :)

Knit dress from DEAD DOLL for FLF (HUD with 4 colors), shoes from Semller for HW and the cutest hair ever from Runaway Hair, for TSS.
You can change the color and turn off the flowers and butterflies (although the butterflies glow won't turn off) and the butterfly on your nose is a separate part. Lipstick from GOREGLAM for SKS.

The shoes from Semller come in 2 styles and those socks are free at the store. They are just amazing!

~Other items~

Rings: MIDNA
Bracelets: NativeUrban
Septum ring: MARKED
Bag: Fleshtone (in world store is closed, but it's still on marketplace)
Thights: C'est La Vie
Jacket and sweater from EVIE, boots from MODA, socks from friday and hair from Lamb, all for TSS
Each color of the jacket from EVIE comes with 2 HUDs to change the color of the sweater and the patch. The boots from MODA are also all customizable.

~Other items~
Earrings: KUNGERLS
Septum ring: MARKED

Dress from Gawk, 35L for the Christmas hunt, and skin from Deetalez, 99L for the hunt. Hair from Lamb for TSS and shoes from Mosquito's Way for Wanderlust.

On the Christmas hunt on Deetalez, there are 2 skins for each head. This one is the Christmas gift 2, mixedtype. The earrings and necklace are from Kunst, free gift at Fameshed.

~Other items~
Bracelets and rings: MIDNA
Septum ring: MARKED

Jacket and skirt from (fd), hair from Lamb and shoes from Avanti, all for TSS. The skin is from Lara Hurley, and it's free for group members.
The jacket from (fd) includes the inner shirt, which is tintable. The hair comes with HUDS for hair color, style and hair pin. The beautiful Luisa skin from Lara Hurley come in midtone with one makeup.
Shoes and leg warmers from Avanti. Includes a fatpack HUD.

~Other items~
Choker: e.marie
Necklace: MG
Bag: U.f.o (old gacha item)
Earrings: KUNGERLS
Bracelets and rings: MIDNA
Septum ring: MARKED
Fishnet thights: erratic (old item)

Dress and socks from Friday for TSS.Hair from Wasabi for FLF.

Lipstick from GOREGLAM, 6 colors for 65L, for So Kawaii Sundays.

~Other items~
Sunglasses: ZOOM
Necklace: Glamourous (closed)
Boots: Semller
Bag: Fleshtone (in world store is closed, but it's still on marketplace)
Rings: MIDNA
Bracelets: NativeUrban
Septum ring: MARKED

Top, skirt and blazer from BOOSH, 60L each for Happy Weekend. The hair is from Wasabi, FLF. Shoes from Mosquito's Way, 50L for Wanderlust. Necklaces and earrings from Beloved Jewelry, free for POE hunt.

The hair has 2 styles and you can use with or without the pins. The set from Beloved Jewelry come with a HUD to change every part.

~Other items~
Bag: Zenith
Bracelets and rings: MIDNA
Septum ring: MARKED

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