Aug 14, 2021


 Hello! :D

I went to FLF Birthday Bash and I loved it! I got so many things that I doubt I'll have time to blog it all. For now, here are some cute things...

FLF bday bash - mythral -  tentacio - blueberry - vynil - glam affair
Shelf with plants and humidifier from Mithral, 50L for FLF Bday bash.
FLF Bday Bash - Glam Affair - Tentacio - ISON - Blueberry - Vynil
Daisies (crown, bag, mouth) from Tentacio, top from Vinyl, skirt from Blueberry, shoes from ISON, hair from Elikatira, skin from Glam Affair. 50L each at FLF Bday Bash. The choker is from Quirky and bracelet from Eudora3D, and they are gifts there.
Glam Affair FLF Bday Bash

Bonbon - Justice - Bleich - Glam Affair - Quirky - REIGN
Outfit from Justice, sneakers from Bleich, skin from Glam Affair and hair from Bonbon, 50L each. Bag from REIGN and socks from Friday, both are free at FLF Bday Bash.
Glam Affair - Bonbon FLF Bday Bash
Choker from Quirky and bracelet from Eudora3D, free @ FLF Bday Bash.

Wine rack from What Next and soap from Zerkalo, both free at FLF party.

Happy birthday for FLF! One of my favorite events since the beginning! Ty!

It may take some time to get in, but it's totally worth it!


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