Aug 15, 2021


 Hi again! I felt like blogging some more things from FLF Bday Bash, but unfortunately I can't show off everything I got, it would take forever! There are many many awesome gifts! Anyways, I hope you like it! :)

Wasabi - Pixicat - Bleich - Glam Affair - Astralia - Cheezu - Veechi - Bonbon - FLF Bday

Shirt (with inner optional top) from Pixicat, hair from Wasabi, bandaids from Bonbon, skin from Glam Affair and shoes from Bleich, 50L each at the FLF bday. The wrist unicorn scrunchie is from Astralia, the earrings are from Cheezu, choker from Wasabi and the star mole is from Veechi, all are free at FLF bday bash. Bag from DDL for Happy Weekend.

Glam Affair Cheezu Wasabi FLF Bday Bash

DP Yumyum - Phedora - Eliavah - Luxuria - Glam Affair - Hopscotch - random.matter - Narcisse - FLF BB - Tori Torricelli FLF
Hair from DP yumyum, stockings from Luxuria and shoes from Pitaya, 50L each at FLF bday. Skin with eyeliner from Glam Affair, skirt from Eliavah, bodychair from Narcisse, earrings from random.Matter, Infinite Wisdom Ball from HopScotch (you shake it and it provides you a random wisdom) and star mole from Veechi, all free at FLF bday. Top and bra from Tori Torricelli, 50L for regular FLF, at main store.

Glam Affair DP yumyum - Veechi - random.Matter - FLF BB

Tentacio - Exile - Dead Doll - soy FLF Bday Bash - Zenith - fd
Overalls from (fd) for The Saturday Sale, bag and shoes from Zenith gacha, hair flowers from Tentacio, corset from Dead Doll, 50L each, hair from Exile and ice cream from Soy, free gifts, all at FLF bday bash.

Glam affair - Tentacio - Soy - Exile - FLF Bday bash

Consignment - crate - DEAD DOLL - Second Spaces - The Horror - floorplan - Pitaya - MudHoney - FLF BB gifts
Bird lamp from Consignment, crystals from crate, heart breaker from DEAD DOLL, wire vases from Second Spaces, poster from The Horror!, friday letterboard from floorplan, sconce from MudHoney and flower in the bootle from Pitaya, all free at FLF bday bash.

Broken Arrows - Mithral - - D-LAB - Sways - FLF BB Gifts 2
Mug holder from Broken Arrows, plant from Mithral, spice rack from D-LAB, wind chimes from Sway's, more free gifts at FLF bday.

Fancy Decor - Granola - Black Nest - FLF BB Gifts
Floor lamp from Fancy Decor, basket of towels from Granola and towel rack from Black Nest, also free at FLF bday.
Sideboard from Fourth Wall, skull from Bleich, cards from lock&tuff, books and humidifier from Lagom, more free gifts at FLF bday bash.

That's it for now!
Thank you for reading! Stay safe! :)

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